colorful stairs, cat vase, moon notepad, fruit pattern

Happy Friday! Can you believe it’s August already?! It makes me want to curl up on the floor and cry a little bit. It’s time to start doubling down on summer fun :-) This week I’m loving…

  • The coolest stairway in existence from the Opening Ceremony store in Tokyo
  • These kitty planters from RecyclArt that are ingeniously made out of old plastic bottles. “Reduce reuse recycle” has never been so cute!
  • Full moon sticky notes from MochiThings to liven up your desk
  • All the food collages from Julie’s Kitchen that are not only incredibly beautiful, but educational as well, as I couldn’t resist Googling unfamiliar components like “tongue of fire shelling bean”. Spoiler: they’re pretty!
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UNELEFANTE chocolate bars

What happens when a designer develops a sweet tooth? Awesome Jackson Pollock-inspired chocolate bars I either want to gobble up or frame and hang up on the wall…haven’t quite decided yet. Check them out at UNELEFANTE!

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red raven studio

Helloooo gorgeous! These beautiful porcelain pieces were all handcrafted by Amy and Ryan, the married duo behind Redraven studios, and it’s safe to say after a look around their store that the two make quite the team. I just love the hints of color and gold against all that dreamy white porcelain. Those crystal necklaces are calling my name! And even better? Every item they create has sentimental significance behind it – a true labor of love!

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DIY wooden box head

I bought these cheapo wooden boxes a while back, but I couldn’t figure out exatly what to do with them, so they’ve just been gathering dust around the apartment…until now! Inspiration struck last weekend while I was researching all things Japanese (we have a Tokyo vacation planned for this fall – please send me tips!), and I decided some kawaii style boxes were just what I needed to organize my craft supplies! I love how they turned out, and filling their little heads with washi tape and other doodads has been cracking me up.

Plus these boxes are super duper easy to customize – wouldn’t it be fun to make one for each member of your family?! Go crazy with it!

DIY wooden box head

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • an unfinished cigar box or any other wooden crafts box
  • screwdriver
  • acrylic paint
  • pencil
  • fine black marker
  • 2 pieces of patterned paper, sized down to fit the inside of the box
  • rubber cement

DIY box head instructions

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove all the hardware
  2. Paint the entire lid with the “hair color” of your choice. Then paint the sides and the back of the lower half of the box and let dry – be sure to leave the front clear for the face!
  3. Paint the inner sides of the lid and box. Don’t worry about being too neat – we’ll be lining the insides with paper later on
  4. Very lightly (this is important if you’re using a pale color) sketch out the hair and face on the front of the box with a pencil, and then fill in the hair portion with paint
  5. Once all the paint is dry, trace over the eye and mouth with a black marker. Erase any stray pencil marks if necessary
  6. Screw all the hardware back in. Spread a thin layer of rubber cement on the unpainted insides of the box, and carefully line with your pretty paper
  7. Fill up that adorable head with some trinkets!

DIY wooden box head

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DIY or Buy Metal Hair Cuffs

Crafty folks: Take a trip down to your local hardware store to add a super chic DIY copper hair cuff to your wardrobe! Get the instructions over at Brit + Co.

Not-so-crafty folks: It’s way too hot to be chopping up metal pieces, amirite? Get your hair out of your face instantly with this pretty gold option from Jessica Buurman

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modern throw pillows

Rebecca Allen Animal and Peach Pillow from DENY Designs| Floral Kaleidoscope Pillow from Bouffants And Broken Hearts | Palm Leaf Pillow Cover from IE Design | Teepee Quilted Pillow from ferm LIVING | Gran Linen Pillow from Fine Little Day| Summer Triangles Pillow from Her Art

One of the pillows on our couch is getting a bit worn due to someone‘s big butt laying on it all day long, which means it’s shopping time! *spirit fingers* Here are a few cheerful options I’ve got my eye on!

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