measuring cup planter

Use them as mini planters :-) My cousin gave me a set of these whale measuring cups for Christmas, and they were WAY too cute to just toss in the kitchen drawer, so I’ve been trying to figure out alternative ways to use them around the house.

This teeny succulent was perfect for the 1/2 cup size! Just re-pot (this post was a helpful guide) and top off the soil with a handful of brightly colored pebbles. I used fish tank gravel from the pet store, which was cheap and came in lots of different happy hues!

measuring cup planter

I just love the extra pop of color this little whale is bringing to the house! Now what to do with his 3 other friends…

Be sure to stop by on Monday for a super duper exciting giveaway – happy Friday!

measuring cup planter

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diminish the influence of fate

I’ve been meaning to read more books in my free time instead of, you know, doing wildly productive things like re-watching every season of Beverly Hills 90120 on Netflix and crushing on Dylan McKay like it’s 1993. To make things a bit more fun, I’ve decided to start pulling out quotes that strike a chord with me and turning it into a pretty graphic to share with you all!

“Diminish the influence of fate” comes from Chang and Eng by Darin Strauss, a facts-mixed-with-fiction novel about the incredible lives of real life Siamese twins born in 1811 who achieved great fame touring as an oddity attraction in America. Eventually they both married and went on to have a combined total of 21 kids (!!) Life deals all of us a certain hand of cards, some of which we are powerless to control. However it’s our attitudes and actions in the face of these obstacles that truly determine what our futures hold.

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dress up electrical cords

Washi Tape Power Cords from Design Love Fest | Wire Blooms from Monkey Business | Electrical Cord Cityscape from Trendhunter | DIY Wooden Ball Cable from Trendenser

I went over to my friend’s new apartment for a delicious raclette dinner this weekend, and while I was there, she mentioned that all the exposed electrical cables in the apartment were driving her nuts! Of course I couldn’t resist digging up some clever solutions for dressing up those pesky wires for a much cleaner aesthetic. If you can’t hide them, flaunt them!

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Good luck red color

1. Silicone Lips iPhone 5S/5 Case | 2. Scallop Lace Top | 3. Royal Doulton Bright Colors Salad Plate | 4. Kate Spade Apple Bank | 5. Hearts Getaway Duffle Bag | 6. "Falling Fast" Top Shop Lipstick

Red is an extra lucky color today for my peoples, so I hope this post brings you a bit of good juju :-) Happy Chinese New Year, friends!

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Big Dog Purse by Carmichael Collective

When I first started pining for a French bulldog to call my own, I often dreamed of all the fun we would have traipsing around NYC together. I would tuck my pup into a cute tote bag, and off we would go onto the subway! Umm yeah, this definitely didn’t work out quite as planned… Toby turned out to be a 35 pound beast with the density of a black hole, whose travel bag is the size of a large duffle bag I can’t carry more than a few steps at a time.

My dreams of having a purse dog were shattered until I spotted this hilarious “Big Dog Purse” by the whimsical experts at Cargo Collective! “Hey girl, what are you up to?” “Oh nothing, just out for a walk with my dog.” Check out the site for a cute video of Milo the dog turning shoppers’ heads as they nonchalantly peruse a boutique clothing store!

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Friday Grab Bag

Happy Friday the 13th! We’re planning a little jaunt to California next month, and I can’t wait to leave my puffy coat behind to bask in all that glorious sunshine! We’ll be driving up the coast from Los Angeles to San Jose over the course of a few days – any must-see stops we should make along the way?? This week I’m loving…

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