Friday Grab Bag - Jan 23

Happy Friday! I’ll be channeling badass Katniss Everdeen this weekend because we’re taking a class at an archery range that recently opened in the area! I’ve never done it before, so I’m super excited to get acquainted with a bow & arrow – let’s just hope there are no Hunger Games type injuries (fingers crossed). This week I’m loving…

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Visarute Angkatavanich fish photography

Someone once gifted me a betta fish for my 8th birthday, and although my memory of the event is a bit hazy, I can only imagine that my reaction was THANK YOU BUT I REALLY WISH THIS WAS A PUPPY. Fish swimming around in their closed off aquariums have never been particularly interesting to me, but these incredible photos by Visarute Angkatavanich really smashed that barrier into smithereens! The amount of detail captured in each crystal clear shot is just mesmerizing – these teeny fish look so regal with their elegant fins flowing out like designer gowns! There are a lot more shots in the series, so be sure to check out all the fishy beauties here!

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happy colorful gifts

1. Sweet Treats Pineapple Box from Imm Living | 2. 'Burger with Gold Fillings' Embroidered Artwork from Flirting With Yellow | 3. Aelfie Saelfie Pillow from Nasty Gal | 4. Gummy Bear Magnets from Give Simple | 5. Eye Hide Box from Areaware | 6. Bugs shoe from Minna Parikka | 7. Confection Woven Basket from LEIF

The gray skies of winter always make me thirsty (is this how kids are saying it these days?) for all things bright and cheery. Here are some fun picks that’ll spice up your season with their off-the-chart colors!

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koala mittens

Have you heard about the recent bushfires in Australia? I spotted this article a few days ago about koalas severely burning their paws as they tried to flee the mayhem, and it damn near broke my heart – just look at those little faces! The International Fund for Animal Welfare sent out a request for people to create cotton mittens for the critters to protect their paws as they’re treated with burn creams, so I just had to dust off my sewing machine and whip up a few sets. I hope some neon-loving koala will appreciate them and heal up quickly!

I originally wanted to help spread the word about making mittens with this post, but it seems that they’ve already fulfilled their quota due to all the media coverage. However if you still want to to use your sewing skills for good, there’s a call out now for pouches for injured and orphaned baby kangaroos!

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free fonts collection #8

Snowballs in Angelface | TV Marathon in Besom | New Calendar in Milano | Flurries in Pirou | Hot Toddy in Llama Mad | Cable Knit in Armonioso | Soup in Villa Didot | Winter Whites in Frente H1 | Faux Fur in Mix Titanica | Candles in KG All Things New

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments on my previous post!! Hopefully your encouraging words will help me dig down deep and kick some butt this year :-)

I usually despise the winter season – walking around with frozen fingers and toes isn’t much of a party – but for some reason I’m kind of digging the peaceful coziness of our home this year. Laying out on the beach is fab, but so is being wrapped up in a giant blanket on the couch with a pot of homemade soup bubbling away on the stove, amirite? Here are a few of my favorite winter highlights, along with some awesome free fonts to download – enjoy!

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just do it resolution

Hello strangers! I was enjoying my social media break so much that getting back into the groove of blogging took a bit longer than planned, but I’m excited to be back to catch up on everything that’s been going on with all of you over the past few weeks!

I haven’t really found much success in the wide-eye tradition of drafting up outrageously optimistic resolutions for the new year – things usually go off the rails pretty quickly despite my best efforts. Instead, I’ve decided to adopt one mantra for the year: Just Do It (please don’t sue me, Nike). You see, I can be quite skilled at talking myself out of lots of things I would love to do otherwise – creative endeavors, job opportunities, or even silly small things like attending cool meet ups/events where I don’t know anyone else. Initial feelings of excitement often fade away as I hem and haw over every minor detail until I become fully convinced it’s a terrible idea that isn’t worth the effort to pursue. It’s increasingly frustrating to look back and see what could have been accomplished if I had only just sucked it up and tried, so this year I’m going to try to debate myself less. Less over thinking things and more doing, whatever the outcome may be. Bring it on, 2015!

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