printable beer bottle gift tags

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all the papas out there! We’re squeezing Toby into his Speedo and heading out to the beach with family. It’ll be a bit overcast, but I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading (NOS4A2 has been keeping me on the edge of my seat!) and grabbing an ice cream cone or two, hehe.

printable beer bottle gift tags

And in case you want to give your Father’s Day present a little extra oomph, I’ve created some cute beer bottle gift tags for you to use! Just print, cut, hole punch, and you’re TOTALLY IN as #1 favorite child :-) Enjoy!

Download the large beer bottle gift tags here!

Download the small beer bottle gift tags here!


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burger bash party inspiration

The Invite: "Burger Beer" Paperless Post invitation
The Set Up: DIY Burger balloons | RedNek Party Bucket | Barbeque Grill Condiment Set | Cotton Printed Napkins | Reusable "Paper" Dinner Plates | Striped Party Paper Cups
The Burgers: Sriracha-Mayo Burger | Hoisin Burgers | Loaded Chili Cheeseburgers | Bistro Burger | Chips 'n' Guac Burger
The Finale: Cheeseburger Cake | Cookie Fries

Nothing feels more like summer around our house than firing up the grill and chomping into a smoky burger under blue skies and sunshine. We’ll be sticking around town for the 4th of July this year, and I think a burger themed bash would be a fun twist on our usual run-of-the-mill barbecues! Trying out a whole bunch of different burger recipes with crazy toppings sounds like heaven to this pregnant lady’s ears. And you certainly don’t need to twist my arm for an excuse to make some of these whimsical balloons or this showstopper of a cake, although I don’t have high hopes that mine would come out quite as lovely…

*This post was written in collaboration with Paperless Post. Their invitations are a design lover’s dream, so be sure to check them out for your next par-tay!

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friday grab bag

Happy Friday! I’ll be spending the weekend catching up with old friends as we gather together for a wedding celebration, and I can’t wait to take some crazy trips down memory lane :-) And luckily I came across this ASOS dress that’s SUPER comfy (and would totally fit post-baby too!), so I won’t be stuck in a constricting dress all night – phew! This week I’m loving…

  • This geometric wallpaper from PatPrint that’s self-adhesive so you won’t be covered in wallpaper paste when you put it up
  • All the out-of-this-world jewelry in Virginie Millefiori’s Sun & Moon collection. Bonus points for the awesome styling too!
  • This sassy middle finger blank key from Cool Material that made me giggle because I’m 10 years old inside
  • These DIY pineapple favor bags from The House That Lars Built that would be so stinking cute for a Hawaiian themed summer party!
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DIY house doormat

We bought a striped coir doormat from Target about two years ago that looked great but shed horribly because it wasn’t lined. Our hallway was constantly filled with bits of tan fibers and dust that never fully disappeared no matter how much it was vacuumed! It drove us bananas but I couldn’t find any other doormat I liked for under $50, which is an exorbitant amount for something you use to wipe your shoes on, in my cheapskate opinion. So when I spotted this cute and simple house shaped doormat, I knew I just had to recreate it for our home! I bought a simple vinyl-backed (this is KEY to no shedding!) mat, and 10 minutes later, our front doorstep was looking extra welcoming. Hooray for easy-as-pie DIYs!

DIY house doormat

What you’ll need:

  1. Flip over your doormat so the vinyl-backed side is visible
  2. Mark the sides of your house in chalk. The lines can be easily erased with a damp paper towel, so take some time to figure out what looks good to you!
  3. Once you’re happy with your drawing, cut along the chalk lines using a ruler and a sharp utility knife
  4. Explain to your dog what a doormat is and get very confused head tilts (optional)
  5. All done and ready for your front door!
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beautiful wine bottle designs

JAQK Cellars Chardonnay | Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine | BiancoNero Rose | Suitable Case Pinot Rose | The Little Grape That Could Cabernet Sauvignon | La Tulibe Bordeaux Rose

It’s hasn’t been hard avoiding alcohol the past few months, but it’s becoming a struggle now that sangria (AKA the best summer cocktail ever) is popping up on menus everywhere! While I have to pass on that deliciously frosty glass of fruity goodness this summer, I can indulge in these very lovely wine bottle designs in the meantime. The “flower bouquet” makes me smile – what a clever way to bring blooms and booze simultaneously when you show up to a friend’s house!

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quirky kitchenware roundup

1. Nessie Ladle | 2. Help! Small Spoons Set | 3. Melting Mugs | 4. Nut Case | 5. Stars Cutting Board | 6. Go-To Dishes | 7. Cactus Oven Glove

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my recent baby news! This monumental life change is still sinking in for me, despite my growing baby bump, and your encouraging words have quelled some of my mama-to-be anxiety :-) I can’t wait to share some nursery tidbits (AKA a corner of our bedroom) once the place actually looks presentable in some shape or form. Now back to business!

I love inviting friends over for dinner because A) I like feeding people and B) It gives me an excuse to stock up on kitchenware – drool! (Is it weird to drool over this kind of stuff?) I dream of one day having a kitchen with endless cabinet space just to contain all the quirky glasses, serving platters, and cake stands that are forever catching my eye. And you bet your butt every single item in this round up would be on my shopping list. Those melting mugs are so cool, err hot – I want one in every color!

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