cranky pressman coasters
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I’d be more apt to frame these than set my drink down on them! These amazingly cute and hilarious coasters from Cranky Pressman feature a set of 4 characters: Edna, Cranky, Adelaide with her horse Mr. Pistachio (not pictured), and my personal fav, Mr. Snogglebaum. Their Likes and Dislikes are listed on the back (Mr. Snogglebaum likes Jeopardy too!), along with their signature drink recipe. It’s a wonderful thing when designers let their sense of humor and imagination run utterly buck wild.

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One Response to mr. snogglebaum

  1. John says:

    We just received these in the mail the other day. Stop by the studio and check ’em out! They are amazing and I agree they should be framed :)