DIY yarn wreath
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Ta-da! Here is a little yarn wreath I cobbled together during a bout of craftiness last week. It’s a little lopsided due to a misshapen foam ring I used as a base, but I like to think it adds a bit of charm to it, like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree :-) It was surprisingly easy to make, and I love how it spreads holiday cheer without knocking you over the head with it.

I followed these DIY instructions from The Constant Gatherer to make the wreath itself, although I skipped the second step and just started looping yarn directly on top of the batting. As for the flowers, I started out making a cluster of little rosette-like flowers, which a lot of yarn wreaths seem to showcase but didn’t like the overall effect it gave. After a bit more searching I found an amazing tutorial at Living with Punks for full, lush felt flowers – they came out so wonderfully I’m going to have to think of other projects to use them in!

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4 Responses to door bling

  1. Rotem says:

    I had no idea you’d made that! It’s brilliant and I LOVE the flowers… must make!

  2. Katy says:

    Awesome job! A wreath that’s not just for Christmas. Keep it up ALL year I say.

  3. Jiye says:

    Super cute wreath!! I love it!

  4. it’s adorable! love the color combo, and the stripes.