Alice in Wonderland photo shoot

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This photo series titled “Wonderland” by Kirsty Mitchell is absolutely jaw dropping. I’m really struck not only by the beautiful aesthetics, but by the slightly eerie undertones as well – as if these magnificent creatures could be witches who would snap you up the second you turned your back on them. In her own words:

“It was the first time I had tried to incorporate all aspects of my creative training into one form. Mixing together my backgrounds in fashion design, costume making, my love of art history and film, as well as my passion for the natural beauty of English landscapes. In short, a melting pot of all my everyday interests, channeled into a very personal tribute to the memory of my mother, and the stories she read to me as a child. The plan was to create a storybook without words – an unexplained collection of strange and magical characters, set in the woodlands and landscapes that surrounded my home.”

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One Response to wonderland

  1. Lena says:

    You’re right-absolutely jaw dropping. WOW!