geometry inspired goodies

Circus red and white necklace from nomilk today | Zig zag mugs from rock scissor paper | Color study locket from verabel | To A Point canvas painting from Polymorphia

Although I don’t even remember what year in high school I took geometry, I know very well that it was during first period aka 7:30 in the morning. Math that early in the morning is just unspeakable cruelty. My teacher was a perfectly nice woman, but a real stickler for punctuality. Every morning she would poke her head out in the hallway just as the bell was about to ring, take note of an offender running red-faced down the hallway, calmly close the door and mark them late in her little book before they appeared in the doorway mere seconds later. I lived in terror of flunking out of high school due to tardiness that entire year.

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8 Responses to geometry homework

  1. John Merlino says:

    I love geometry

  2. something_creative says:

    We took geometry in 9th grade. With that crazy blond dancer lady and Matt Balkonis…obvs.

  3. The Demoiselle says:

    EEK! Love ALL OF THESE! You find the most creative, fun pieces. It’s like a special surprise to stop by your blog – truly. :)

  4. alli/hooray says:

    love these!
    I had math first period, too, and I am SO not a morning person!

  5. J. says:

    Very cute pieces!

  6. Lena says:

    7:30?! Where’s the humanity! Our first period started at 7:50, and that was hard enough! But as much as I dislike geometry, I adore these sweet little pieces!

  7. Math at 7:30 am? I’d be late too. I always had art class first period, art teachers are always laid back — a good way to start the morning :)

  8. April says:

    Oooo Oooo I love the mugs and the locket. I’ve had that locket bookmarked for a while now. So very pretty.