cute ring holders

Love bunnies ring holder from Urban Outfitters | Peacock ring holder from emmo home | Clusiana ring bowl from Anthropologie | Squirrel ring box from Jonathan Adler

I’m great at straightening out big things like closets and pantries, but the little trinket-type stuff? Awful. I generally sweep them all into some type of container and then pat myself on the back for being so “organized”. My beloved rings currently live amongst bobby pins and hair bands in a little catch-all bowl – it’s not right! I must get my hands on one of these darling ring holders soon.

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6 Responses to put a ring on it

  1. These are all too cute for words. Such a sucker for ring holders!

  2. Lena says:

    Those bunnies are ADORABLE! I’m terrible to my jewelry, too-it lives in a zippered plastic bag! I absolutely must find something else to keep them in!

  3. The Demoiselle says:

    cute title and adorable picks. Of course now the song is stuck in my head. ;)

  4. Christine says:

    I have an old vintage ring holder (the glass kind that look like a juicer) and I LOVE it!! It’s not as cute as these little guys though!

  5. They’re so delicate and pretty, I especially love the one with gold polka dots… I think you may have just helped me cross another person off my Christmas list with these!