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IN HAUS Press single-handedly proves that gray is the new pink with these sweet and simple Valentine tidbits.

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9 Responses to in haus press

  1. Zedpea says:

    Grey is definitely the new pink. When done well, I think it’s super cool, and really interesting. I was a bit worried when I saw so much pink on your site but you’ve definitely got an eye for design!

  2. Meagan says:

    I love everything in this post. They definitely make gray look lovely!

  3. whitney says:

    you have such a great eye for things! love your blog!!

  4. allyn says:

    oh these are very lovely!

  5. rachel says:

    love! agreed that gray is indeed the new pink.

  6. Love these! Such beautiful styling. Much better than the usual red and pink Valentine’s paraphernalia.

  7. lizzie says:

    i love that feather…awesome picks.

  8. Lena says:

    Really, who could resist these? Just darling!

  9. Krissy says:

    How adorable!!