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Why thank you, little fellas! Everyone should start off their day with these mantras, courtesy of the ever-talented Laura George. It’s easy to get caught up in a big gray cloud of stress and negativity, but positive thinking will lead to sunnier days!

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6 Responses to laura george

  1. Eeeek! These are so cute! I think I need to get one for my office or my craft room…or both:) Nice find!

  2. something_creative says:

    This is like the opposite of that book Mike gave me…called something like, you have no friends. We’ve matured.

  3. The Demoiselle says:

    Gloria – so cute! Just what I need to have in front of my face everyday! ;)

  4. Katie says:

    You’re keeping such a lovely blog, Gloria! Thanks for dropping by mine to let me find yours :)

  5. Lena says:

    I absolutely LOVE these!

  6. laura george is SO wonderful! i adore her simple brand of inspiration.

    xo Alison