sewing accessories

Grapefruit pincushion from Sea Pinks | Ball jar pincushion from Miss Birdie's | Canvas sewing pouch from Sam Made | Cutting crane scissors from Christine Domanic Jewelry

I’m not exactly skilled when it comes to sewing – sorry, 50’s era housewives! I can manage to sew wayward buttons back on, but there’s usually a Frankenstein-like mess of a knot lurking on the underside. Oops. In the spirit of self-improvement, I’ve vowed to learn the basics of sewing this year (resolution #9), so that I too can make cool things like pillow covers, while saving a ridiculous amount of money on hemming pants and dresses. I’ve taken the first step towards my goal by bringing home a small sewing machine! Step two – try to avoid sewing my fingers to the fabric while I figure out how hell to use this thing.

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10 Responses to sew lovely

  1. I had to sew a button on some pants for a student this morning while they waited in the bathroom. Sewing can definitely take you places. Haha.

  2. Ivana | Love Ardently says:

    what a great resolution! i kinda wish that my high school taught me how to sew. the hateful part about sewing for me is setting up the machine (threading etc…). don’t know why, but it just seemed like a rocket science for me!

    that grapefruit pincushion is too adorable!

  3. allyn says:

    i completely encourage you to sew. i do a little. never mind i cannot whip up a designer gown. the tote bag, pillow cases, hemmed pants + sweet knowledge of an old-school skill are enough reasons to get going. looking forward ot your sewing adventures!

  4. Katy says:

    Felt. Go felt sewing all the way!

  5. Mmm love these! I have several old sewing kits I really need to dig out, but none of them are this pretty.

  6. Lena says:

    That grapefruit pin cushion is absolutely ADORABLE! So darling, and a perfect gift for my sewing-gifted mama!

  7. Jackie {sweetlittlethrills} says:

    i took a sewing class in high school, but probably don’t remember much… but i think super cute pincushions are reason enough to get back into it. love these!!

  8. Christine says:

    I hear ya, I’m a newbie sewer too! My best advice, start with things with straight lines! Pillow covers are surprisingly not too hard. Good luck!!

  9. i have those little scissors, they’re so handy and SO SO cute!

  10. I took a sewing class my last year of high school and absolutely loved it and sewed as much as I could. I had a project lined up to sew a dress that summer, but it’s still laying in pieces in a box. :(

    On a crazy note (or maybe just crazy and exciting for me), I have those scissors!