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Pop Britannia pillows from Karen Hilton Designs | Milk crown tray from nova68 | Sunday's Best crown ring from Opening Ceremony | Gold glitter crown from Janine Basil

Hooray! So happy “The King’s Speech” took top prize at the Oscars last night. It’s the first movie starring a British monarch to win Best Picture in Oscar history – what a well deserved honor!

PS. Mila Kunis looked drop dead gorgeous. Her position as #1 girl crush remains safe for yet another day.

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The only thing worse than a rainy day is a cold and rainy day. When are we going to be able to pick up a teleportation machine at Sears or Home Depot?? Come on, quantum scientists! If I got my paws on one today, I would beam myself back to the beautiful, serene beaches of Aruba – Mai Tai in hand. Who wants to come?

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Halloween is quite a few calendar pages away, but aren’t these leather masks by Tom Banwell Designs magnificent? The first one is particularly stunning – very Black Swan-esque chic! I really must find a masquerade ball to smuggle myself into.

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Stamps of disapproval

These snarky feedback stamps from Schooled made me giggle – passive aggressiveness at its best.

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I’m convinced there is nothing better than sitting down to a bowl of French onion soup when it’s nippy outside. It contains all the elements that make my stomach feel warm and fuzzy – caramelized onions, savory broth, gooey swiss cheese, and toasted baguette slices all mixed up together into a scrumptious jumble. The very best part is it’s easy to make at home! I’ve made it so often I just wing it in the kitchen, but the recipe I use is very similar to this one at Nook & Pantry. Bon appétit!

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Dotted necklace from bailey doesn't bark | Oakley dalmatian sunglasses from Pacific Wave | Spot coasters from Furbish Studio | M.A.B. flats from Rebecca Minkoff

Say what you want about crazy Cruella de Vil, but she had the right idea about one thing – dalmatian spots are definitely charming and whimsical! Her only downfall was the whole turning-cute-dogs-into-coats idea (and possibly her hair). Instead of trying to round up 101 feisty pups for her evil plot, she really should’ve saved herself the time and hassle with these dalmatian inspired goodies.

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