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The only thing worse than a rainy day is a cold and rainy day. When are we going to be able to pick up a teleportation machine at Sears or Home Depot?? Come on, quantum scientists! If I got my paws on one today, I would beam myself back to the beautiful, serene beaches of Aruba – Mai Tai in hand. Who wants to come?

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10 Responses to instant gratification

  1. Wow, Gloria… *raises hand* I’d love to come along! This place looks amazing. It’s been way too long since I’ve been to the beach.

  2. Melanie says:

    In the event that I’m granted a wish, teleportation would be it.

  3. Oo Me! I’m going to the beach tomorrow… but it’s Cocoa Beach,FL. No comparison, my friend.

  4. Meagan says:

    I am with you!! I told my niece to get to work on the teleportation devices so I could zap myself to her at any time. She just laughed at me, but I said, come on Bree, you could do it! I think she could.

    I would LOVE to be in Aruba right now. Someday…

  5. Lena says:

    Take me with you! Despite the rain, I ordered a margarita last night at dinner-it made the awful weather a little warmer, at least in my mind!

  6. alli/hooray says:

    beautiful photos. I would go in a heartbeat! hope you stay warm this weekend : )

  7. I have never been to Aruba but these pictures might make it move to the top of my list!

  8. val says:

    bags are packed and i will meet you there.
    this dreary Ohio weather is getting the best of me. blah.

  9. Katie*Belle says:

    The title of this post is perfect! I so badly want to be somewhere warm, somewhere where there’s color! But if I can’t be on a beach today, these pictures are a nice compromise : )