Procrastination is something I’ve always struggled with. I have a hard time finishing things that don’t have a set deadline, and even then, it’s usually right down to the wire. There are errands written on my to-do list dating back to the Stone Age, I swear. The problem is I get overwhelmed looking at a long list of tasks, panic, and then wander off to do something completely unnecessary. Like alphabetizing our DVD collection. Or baking cookies.

But hope now arrives in the form of these amazingly cute mini goals chalkboards by Mary Kate McDevitt! By focusing on only 2 tasks a day, a scary list becomes so much more manageable. I’ll definitely be ordering one…tomorrow?

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16 Responses to hey ho, let’s go!

  1. Oh, It's Just Perfect! says:

    Hahaha. Me too!! I’m glad I’m not alone with the bad procrastination. I was sorta hoping that I’d grow out of it. Love these cute chalkboards for to-do lists!

  2. Pilar says:

    ooh focusing on 2 tasks a day seems totally doable. I am an awful procrastinator, so I totally hear you on this one.

  3. I have one of her chalkboards and I just love it! Her work makes me happy.

  4. Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills says:

    Such silliness and cleverness all wrapped up in a well-designed package! Would love one of these in my kitchen.

  5. lizzie says:

    those are BRILLIANT and perfect. excellent find.

  6. something_creative says:

    I love them! But I wish there were days where I only had two things to do, does that happen?

  7. Aww these are cute! I might need one to spruce up my desk space.

  8. Lena says:

    You crack me up. I’m one of those people that loves making to-do lists and crossing those suckers off, but John will make seemingly endless lists that won’t ever be done. See: everything I want to buy Ever (a real list).

  9. Justine @ Urban Scarlet says:

    i featured mary’s work on my blog too… her chalkboards are so great! hopefully once you purchase one, making lists won’t be such a daunting task ;)

  10. ooo how cute are these?!! These would be perfect for my new office! And don’t stress out about procrastinating – I’m fairly certain a little bit of hemming and hawing is good for the soul…right? Maybe? You’ll eventually get everything done that you’re supposed to – :)

  11. I have one of Mary Kate’s chalkboards on my wall and I LOVE it. It’s that perfect extra reminder for when I’m running out the door. Right now, it’s reminding me to visualize success and be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

  12. Haha! I just posted McDevitt’s chalkboards a couple of weeks ago because they’re so amazing. I completely understand the whole procrastination thing. I always think “I’m going to line up five blog posts this week,” but when it comes down to it, I just feel more inspired (and pressured) to post the evening before. Let us know if you get that chalkboard. I’d love to see how you style it in your home!

  13. LW says:

    Aw, thanks for sharing these. They’re so cute! I love the idea of limiting the size of your to-do list. You can only get so many things done in one day anyway, right? So then the things you don’t get to on your mega-list just make you feel bad. At least, that’s how it works for me.

  14. Very cute. Ah, don’t look at procrastination as a flaw. I’ve come to deside it is just the way I work. When people question it I reply, emphatically, with “I work best under pressure!!”

  15. Haha… I love what you wrote along with this post. I feel the same way! I make so many to-do lists and it’s gets so overwhelming, ha! Oh, boy… something like this would be handy indeed.

  16. Mallory says:

    I have one of her boards hanging above my desk…. and it hasn’t helped me with my terrible procrastination habit AT ALL! At least it’s fun to look at, hahaha