State animals tea towel | Writeable cheese markers | Silhouette wood coasters | Fox trivet

Looking for a housewarming gift that will automatically make you the “cool” friend? Go directly to peppersprouts. I never knew I could yearn for a trivet this much, but those little foxes are just too lovely!

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10 Responses to peppersprouts

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  2. Eden says:

    I love the coasters!! What a great find :)

  3. Oh, It's Just Perfect! says:

    Oh, I love all four things! So fun and they would make such great housewarming gifts. Heading over to check out that store now!

  4. Gabriella {sensiblyluxe} says:

    These are beyond adorable! Especially those coasters…

  5. Lena says:

    LOVE those little cheese markers-how adorable!

  6. lizzie says:

    that fox trivet is the bomb diggedy.

  7. i would definitely be happy receiving any of these as a housewarming gift. the silhouette coasters are so cool!

  8. Katie*Belle says:

    These are all so cheery. They’re perfect housewarming gifts!

  9. what a great find! i do love their merchandise…such cool and unique stuff. i love the victorian feel of the coasters.

  10. val says:

    oh my goodness! those coasters! they need to be mine :)