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Hair clip bow from Hunter Gatherer | Suede bow skimmer flats from Urban Outfitters | River island bow belt from asos | Big ribbon shorts from Queen's Wardrobe

I’m beginning to weed through my wardrobe in preparation for spring (hooray!!). Verdict? I seriously need more lovely bows in my closet.

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20 Responses to sweet bows

  1. rebecca says:

    the beautiful colors on your blog are killing me! bows on mary janes=perfect.

  2. Mallory says:

    Oh I definitely think I’m in need of some more bows too! Especially if they’re as lovely as the ones you picked.

  3. allyn says:

    i do adore the hunter gatherer bow and wanted to find one for spring. the UO shoes are really cute as well. one cannot have too many flats. will be putting it on t he list! happy weekend to you!

  4. Melanie says:

    I’ve been obsessed with bows lately. That little hair clip is darling.

  5. Meagan says:

    I absolutely LOVE the skirt! So feminine yet not too feminine.

  6. eeekk!! these bows are so cute! the hunter gatherer bow is perfect…!

  7. Jessica says:

    Although I haven’t worn shorts (wait for it) since high school, those cute, cute shorts may just be thing to break the drought.

  8. Bows are one of my favorite things! : ) Love that first one so much!

  9. Those shorts are so fun and girly! Your blog is so cute! I love it. Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  10. domestikate says:

    Oh bows, I love you so. Did you see the super felt bow clips on you are my fave the other week? They’re fab! http://youaremyfave.com/a-shoot-for-nonpareil-magazine-is-my-fave/

  11. Justine @ Urban Scarlet says:

    bows, bows, bows! love ’em… it innocently brings out the 12 year old in me, for sure, hehe. and yes, such a spring “must-have!”

  12. Lena says:

    LOVING those flats-how darling!

  13. OMG! I love those bows by Hunter Gatherer! What a great shop name, great photos, and awesome textiles for bows. Thanks for introducing it to us!

  14. rachel says:

    yes, I agree! more bows :)

  15. Those shorts are darling, but sadly I could not pull them off…. I think we all could use a few more bows in our lives! :)

  16. Katie says:

    Gosh those shoes make me want spring so baddddddd.

  17. Yes! I love bows! My boss always wears bow ties (which is what I thought that hair bow was at first glance). So he likes bows, too!

    I’m always drawn to pants, shorts, and skirts with a cloth belt that I can tie in a big bow. It’s so girly.