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Your poor cat may have tried to hide this post from you before you got the idea to turn him into a unicorn, but these funny crocheted hats from xmoonbloom are too cute not to share. Happy Friday!

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20 Responses to cat in the hat

  1. kimbirdy says:

    ah! i love it. my cat would totally flip out, but i would love to try anyway. :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Awesome hats! so cute and made me laugh



  3. Pilar says:

    oooh wow I’m dying over the cuteness of these pics!

  4. Oh, It's Just Perfect! says:

    Haha. Too cute!!! The cat looks like he/she just gave up trying to fight it :)

  5. These are SO adorable!! I’m impressed that cat stood still for these photos.

  6. Cats in hats are one of my very favorite things. And THE cat in the hat is one of the most requested books in my classroom.

  7. Jackie | Sweet Little Thrills says:

    Soooo cute! Makes me want more kitties in my house. Hubby + I just looked at kitty pictures last night (well I did, and then made him sit next to me).

  8. Lena says:

    Eek, how adorable! Happy Friday, darling!

  9. val says:

    HA HAHHHAHHHA HA! this just made. my. week.

  10. Katie*Belle says:

    I almost can’t handle this level of cuteness!

  11. April says:

    Sweet kitten!!!

  12. so-oooooo cute! i’m not a huge cat person, but i am a general animal lover so you imagine my excitement when I saw both your post and this adorable illustrator: http://kitten-face.blogspot.com/

    you can thank me later (just kidding!). but i really do think you’ll enjoy her site!

  13. They’re so cute! My cats would hate me if I even tried to do this to them though.

  14. I love cats. The only animal I would let dwell with me. This takes me back to the days when I would dress my cat in doll clothes. I’m pretty sure that’s why he started hiding under beds all the time.

  15. aaww! these are so cute. i love the little mouse ears. and he doesn’t mind at all to be wearing them.

  16. Heather J says:

    Ha! That frog one kills me. To funny. Have a great weekend Gloria.

  17. So cute! I’d never do it to my cats, they’d never allow it, ha! But s/he in the photos doesn’t look like it’s a big problem. That top right one is toooo much! : )

    Oh! This was supposed to be a surprise, but I’m afraid you’ll miss it. Not a big deal, but please do check this out when you get a chance: http://fourleafcloverblog.com/?p=2586

  18. Belly B says:

    Hahahaha these made my day :) I’m not a cat person, but these photos are adorable!

    Belly B