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Modern lion clock from Decoylab | Meridian minimal cuckoo clock via Gentleman's Gadgets | Saving for a Rainy Day clock from snowfawn | Wildflowers wood panel clock from Decoylab

Is it really Tuesday already? Where did the time go! I’m no physics expert, but I’m QUITE sure we enter some sort of time warp time during vacation, where the minutes tick by just a wee bit faster than normal. One minute you’re enjoying a nice leisurely lunch, and the next time you glance down at your watch, it’s strangely 11:30pm. I should’ve had one of these lovely clocks on hand to help me keep track of the time through all the whirlwind fun and relaxation!

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Photo via We Heart It

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I’m taking off early to squeeze in as much R&R time as I can. Hubs and I are staycation-ing, which I’m oddly excited for as it involves no packing or airport security. Looking forward to checking out Smorgasburg, celebrating my friend’s birthday, outlet shopping, seeing The Hangover 2, and laying out in the park to read and watch the clouds drift by…this is the kind of to-do list I could get used to :-)

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Map of Ireland paper letter from Little White Dog | City plates from notNeutral | Bespoke nine heart map from bombus | Vintage map box from D. Sharp

Whenever hubs and I go off on a car adventure, he drives and I navigate…and sing at the top of my lungs until he begs me stop. Can I just say how happy I am to be living in an age of GPS and smartphones? Due to a horrendous sense of direction, road maps are indecipherable blobs of intricate lines and squiggles to me. We would honestly be driving around the block in circles if that was my only resource. Luckily technology saves us from a very sad fate of no vacations, and maps in our house are strictly decorative!

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Follow Your Bliss print from magalerie | Lovely little cast iron mermaid from Beautiful Details By the Seashore | Pink urchin air plant toHOLD | Sea breeze wall hook set from Touch of Class

Why yes, I am picking out decor for my totally imaginary, yet totally fabulous beach cottage. It’s important to prepare for these types of life decisions, you know.

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Who couldn’t use a little furry sidekick to help ease a case of the Mondays? This shirt by dandyrions offers all of the cuteness of a fox stole without any of the guilt (or creepiness). Even PETA must agree!

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Jungle pancake molds from Williams-Sonoma | Bacon bookmark printable from Wild Olive | Yummy keycaps from Fred Flare | Scented strawberry sprinkles donut ring from Tiny Hands

We’ve made it through another week – whew! I always look forward to the weekend because 1) Sweatpants, here I come! and 2) It’s the only time I eat breakfast. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I am so not a morning person. It takes all of my brain power just to dress myself correctly in the mornings, so coffee is all I can handle on weekdays. Weekends, on the other hand, are for eggs benedict and Applewood-smoked bacon and cream cheese-filled muffins and buttery croissants :-) Hope your weekend is full of good eats!

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