Photo via Studio Eco

I’ve always loved the romantic feel of mismatched vintage tea sets, so it’s no surprise that I find these butterflies by lightly absolutely exquisite. The best part is that they’re created from reclaimed fine bone china saucers – so schmancy and eco-friendly!

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15 Responses to flying saucers

  1. Ivana | Love Ardently says:

    ooooh my! how beautiful and dreamy! it’s so great too that these are all from recycled saucers.

  2. Whoa! These are so beautiful. My love of butterflies will never falter.

  3. Erin Lian says:

    Oh my goodness they are just too perfect. Man that is a good find!!

  4. val says:

    this is brilliant! they even figured out how to make a Thomas Kinkade plate look cool.

  5. meg says:

    These are adorable.

    I’m glad I found your site, I love it!

  6. Beautiful!! They would be perfect for a girlfriend lunch!

  7. Lena says:

    These are absolutely magical!

  8. alli/hooray says:

    what a cool concept! my mom in-law collects old tea sets and this would make THE perfect gift for her.

  9. Gloria says:

    @Eva: Haha I KNEW you would!

  10. LW says:

    So cute! I’m not into tea so I’ve never really been drawn to tea set collections, but these are gorgeous.

  11. Such a neat idea and I love that they’re eco friendly too!

  12. Woooow… these are amazing! You knew I’D love them, ha! Butterflies, tea, & eco-friendly.. a few of my favorite things all in one!

  13. Soooo cool. If I had the tools at home I would go find some at Goodwill and start hacking them up into fairytale creatures right now!

  14. This is the sweetest idea, they’re so pretty! I love vintage teacups too, always looking out for them in markets.

  15. those are so cute! i like the mismatched set look also, all of my espresso cups are collected from second hand stores and all different, I love them :)