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Most Loving Mother card from Hammerpress | Garden Mother's Day card from Rifle Paper Co. | Garden Mother's Day card from egg press | Cookies card from wit & whistle

I’m fairly certain that my mom has kept every card I’ve ever given her. In my entire life. Here are a few others she may like to receive this weekend for her collection :-)

It’s a funny thing – up until this year, my brain only recognized Mother’s Day as a holiday for moms…as in your parent, who gave you allowances and embarrassed you in front of your friends. The realization that some of my friends are now starting to have cute babies of their own, and are therefore mothers themselves, is kind of blowing my mind!

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11 Responses to for the mamas

  1. I had the same realization about my friends being moms the other day, too!

  2. Angel @ | 77inspire | says:

    :) all such cute mothers day cards. I especially like the top left one. hope youre having a nice weekend.

  3. Pink Ronnie says:

    Just discovered your blog – loving it!

  4. I also always send cards to my aunt, great aunt, and grandmother. They’ve all taken care of me in some wonderful way. And these cards are so cute — though I could never tell my mom she makes the best cookies because, well, hers are awful. I’m not sure where I got my baking skills from, but it wasn’t her. Hope you have a great weekend, Gloria!

  5. very cute!!! have a great weekend!!!

  6. oh this is super cute. i’m still not certain what to get my mom for mother’s day–she always says there’s nothing she wants. :)

    Thought you’d be interested in entering my Jennifer Elizabeth fringe shimmy necklace giveaway! It is open to everyone.


  7. Tang says:

    Yes, it’s crazy to look around you and realize people you grew up with are now having babies themselves! :) I always keep all the cards I receive! Guess I’m a bit of a pack-rat that way.

  8. wonderful cards! btw my mom has kept every card too. She lives 2000 miles away. Miss her

    happy weekend!

  9. My mom also has kept every card… it puts on some pressure! I got one of the Rifle Paper Co cards this year, it’s so pretty you could frame it!

  10. Some of my friends and family are new mothers and it also blows my mind! I find myself forgetting to wish them a happy Mother’s day because I’m just not used to them having kids of their own!

  11. Erin Lian says:

    I like the cookie one :D Do you get everyone you know who is a mother cards? I only do it for my Mum!!