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Droog hare doormat from gSelect | Come in/Go away doormat from Overstock | Mod Flowers doormat from Crate & Barrel | Couper Croiser branches doormat from Montreal Designers | Tape doormat from Meninos | Bone jour doormat from Amazon

We currently have a plain black, snooze-worthy doormat greeting our visitors. It was snowy when we moved into our apartment last year, so I hastily bought whatever I could find (stomping around indoors with slushy feet is against house rules, you know). I’d love to jazz up our front door with one of these much more personable doormats – they’re sure to make our guests smile before they even step into our home!

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19 Responses to tread on me

  1. Meagan says:

    Ah! I need that bone jour rug pronto!

  2. Belly B says:

    I love the rabbit shaped one! :) So adorable!


  3. honeymyheart says:

    we need to update our doormat! it’s a brown wooden one. i love the cassette tape and the “bone jour” ones you posted ;)

  4. The mixtape welcome mat is making my music nerd self quite happy!

  5. Lena says:

    Bone jour-too sweet! We have carpet in the hallway in front of our door, so I’m still trying to figure out the doormat!

  6. kimbirdy says:

    i’ve been wanting a mat for our front door too. we took a peek at target & ikea, but they were all so boring. i love how cute these are. definitely personable!

  7. Holly says:

    love ’em! such a cute way to spice up the entryway without having to spend too much!

    this also has to be a really good feng shui thing–having an inviting and welcoming front door! =)

  8. How funny, I like the idea of something unexpected at the door :)

  9. That bottom right one my mother would love. There’s nothing like a cute doormat — especially since it would help guests locate your home (a real necessity in an apartment building, trust me).

  10. The adorability of your finds is off the charts! Is your house (besides that black mat) full of cute finds? I’m so curious to see! I love that bonjour weiner dog mat. It says “I’m so European” while still saying “But I’m super cute and not too pretentious!”

  11. lizzie says:

    ooh! the branches are my favorite! we don’t…have a doormat? actually. i love the look of these though!

  12. Dionne_C says:

    Oh my, these are all so cute! We don’t have a doormat, even a plan boring one. Now I want one like these!

  13. These are so cool! Who would get one of those “welcome” mats when you can have one of these fancy ones?!

  14. April says:

    I love these! It would be so hard to pick!

  15. Love the wiener dog mat. So cute!!!

  16. I love these! The cassette tape mat is so cute – I think it’s a little too hipster for our house, but would be so great for an artsy type home. I also really love the branches door mat!

  17. the cassette tape one is THE BEST!

  18. Erin Lian says:

    I <3 the unexpected ones, like the 'bone jour' one :P

  19. i love how a doormat can set the stage for a home. my doormat is currently a school of fish saying “hello” that i got in the sale section of target! i love it, but think i need to update it soon! the “come in/go away” doormat is so creative!