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Ted Baker "Hoola" quilted iPad sleeve from Nordstrom | Gray wool felt sleeve from byrd & belle | Fireworks Dakota iPad case from LODIS | Black polka dot iPad case Zazzle | Houndstooth in Peach sleeve from Fabrix Cases

I’ve been a PC-user all my life and have always been a bit wary of Apple’s rockstar popularity (no iPhones or iPods for me!), but even I have to confess: I love the iPad. There, I said it. Thank you, Steve Jobs, your indoctrination of the universe is complete. I scoffed when hubs brought ours home when it first came out, but it quickly won me over with its speed and portability and ridiculously addicting games. Here are some super stylin’ covers to swaddle your beloved iPad in…unless, of course, you’ve already kicked it to the curb for the iPad 2! The speed at which technology changes makes me want to celebrate and tear my hair out simultaneously.

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17 Responses to dress you up in my love

  1. Oh, It's Just Perfect! says:

    I want an iPad just to buy one of these cute covers. I’m sure the hubby won’t faint when my mention my new plan :)

  2. Pink Ronnie says:

    I have the cover from byrd & belle and it’s just flawless in its design…

  3. I love these cases!!! I’ve been looking for a gray one like the one you listed above to get for my dad for Father’s Day! He LOVES his ipad. I still don’t have one! Hopefully that one is manly enough for him!
    Star Hughes Living

  4. Ted Baker makes the best accessories! And for the best price. Loving that hot pink PL!

  5. i’m boring and would go for the pretty grey one!

  6. oh man, i want these all! they are all just too fabulous, especially the ted baker one! unfortunately, my “iPad” is my boyfriend’s and i’m sure he wouldn’t go for one of these girly cases! maybe its time to get my own….!

  7. Jessica says:

    I used not get all the iPad hoopla that went around until I used one. Oh my goodness, now I want one. Everything looks so awesome on it but since my laptop is running on borrowed time, I can’t justify spending the extra money.

  8. Megan says:

    ok now i loveee these! i have the most boring apple-manufactured black cover on my ipad! i need to spice it up a bit!!!

  9. kimbirdy says:

    haha, i haven’t seen an ipad up close and i still have an old flip phone, but i’m a pretty big fan of my macbook. part of me feels like i should continue to avoid the ipad so i don’t fall in love. after all, i have school loans. :)

  10. These are all so pretty!! I love the simplicity of the top right one, and then I love the bottom left one for the exact opposite reason, ha!

  11. lizzie says:

    apple won me over too…i was a little worried about how expensive it was and how could it be that great and all of that…but it is…THAT great.

  12. Lena says:

    That patent Ted Baker cover is AMAZING! I’ve been seriously considering an iPad or Kindle lately for no reason other than the covers!

  13. I want an iPad just so I can have that hot pink cover!

  14. The only apple product I own is a ipod nano that’s a good 5 generations old. But I like these. If I had one you can bet I would be inspired to create a holder of my own!

  15. sherri lynn says:

    I also love the iPad! And that grey cover is really pretty!

  16. I have also been a PC user my whole life, until I was given an old mac, and then bought the iPhone. I now may have a slight iPhone obsession…

  17. Belly B says:

    Hhahaha you are hilarious. I’m a HUGE apple fan :) My life changed when I switched to a Mac lol. Welcome to the dark side!!

    <3 Belly B