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Every dog has its day – shouldn’t he look like a million bucks when that day arrives? Head on over to SillyBuddy to find more snazzy bow ties and accessories for man’s best friend…or just for more pics of this handsome model. I’m smitten with him, just look at that sweet face!

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15 Responses to dressed to impress

  1. Cammie Gude says:

    how do i order these?

  2. Erin Lian says:

    This dog looks too cool for school ;)

  3. meg says:

    There is really nothing better than animals wearing clothes… especially such fancy pieces!

  4. val says:

    My husband would kill me the day these arrived in the mail for our pugs. But I can entertain myself with the idea of my distinguished little guys in bow ties!

  5. what an adorable doggy!!! have a great weekend!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. What a cutie pie! I love his little bowtie.

  7. thanks so much for your sweet comment!! i love your blog ~ i will definitely be back;) ;)
    xo~ kristina

  8. Lena says:

    The bowties are adorable, but I want the pup more!

  9. Victoria says:

    This is too cute, what a sweet little puppy model!

  10. kimbirdy says:

    oh my, this is so ridiculously cute! my stepmom is deaf so she has always had a hearing dog that she takes everywhere she goes. she would love to dress olga {the dog} up in proper outing attire!

  11. Maddy says:

    Ok…this has to be the cutest thing ever! I want a puppy so badly and when I finally get one, a bowtie is definitely in order!

  12. alli/hooray says:

    How cute! If I ever have a dog I won’t be able to resist dressing it up with cute things like this. Cats just aren’t as accommodating.

  13. eeee, I love him, too! My friends actually have a pup who looks just like him and I think one of these bow ties would be just the thing to make him a dapper pup!

  14. One lump or 2? :) Very dapper!