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Bokeh flower photo from Instant Shift | Morning Mood by Tatiana Mikhina

Just a bit of imagination turns ordinary flowers into dreamy layered skirts perfect for twirling around in. I’m smitten!

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27 Responses to flower girls

  1. You always find the most interesting/clever things!

  2. domestikate says:

    Oh! How very, very lovely!

  3. rachel says:

    these are wonderful! hope you’re having a lovely week :)

  4. rebecca says:

    what a genius photographer! and your blog is so lovely. :)

  5. these are too cool!!

  6. yes. this is gorgeous! what a sweet and creative photoshoot!

  7. How creative! Absolutely beautiful photos!

  8. Lena says:

    Simply stunning!

  9. Beautiful! I’ve seen the image with the tulip, but this is the first time I’m seeing the rose image — lovely!

  10. These are sooo cute! And so creative!!! I’d love these blown up in my room – they’re gorgeous! A modern day Degas maybe??

  11. I remember being completely taken by these photos when I first saw them.. so amazing and reminds me of fairies.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous!

  13. Lillian (Unstitched.) says:

    Wow! Totally smitten – so clever and pretty!

  14. how creative & fun! i love both photos!! they’re like fairies ^^

  15. oh my this is nice! for a second there ~ i really believed that these were their real skirts. so pretty! thank you for always posting such great inspiration. happy monday gloria!
    xo ~ kristina

  16. These images are so dreamy!

  17. Pink Ronnie says:

    That’s both beautiful and ingenious.
    Ronnie xo

  18. Belly B says:

    So cute!! I think I’ve seen this around before and I loved it :)

    <3 Belly B

  19. Maddy says:

    That’s awesome! Love to see other people’s imaginations in action!

  20. That is so clever! They look precious… for some reason they remind me of the fairies from Thumbelina?

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