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These incredible sculptures by Italian artist Benedetta Mori Ubaldini are created out of nothing but chicken wire, which she shapes by hand! I love how the transparency adds a feeling of lightness to these ethereal animals. Like friendly ghosts.

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12 Responses to benedetta mori ubaldini

  1. Padgett Hoke says:

    I love those! Especially the photo in the gallery with all the sculptures – how cool to see thru to each one! Very cool

  2. Andrea hatch says:

    These are absolutely magical!! I love the pretty colors. It makes me want to try to make one?

  3. great find! these are beautiful.

  4. Jessica says:

    The first image is amazing! I wouldn’t mind touring an exhibit of these sculptures.

  5. kimbirdy says:

    chicken wire? it looks so soft and delicate! i actually thought they were painted in that first photo. very cool.

  6. Lena says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Rebecca says:

    So wonderful!!! I’d love one of these for my kids room. The kid I don’t have yet. haha

  8. holly says:

    interesting! amazing that the sculptures look light and soft even though they’re made of wire!

  9. These are so cool! I love how light and simple they are. Very whimsical! xx

  10. amy b.s. says:

    these are too cool! and cute!

  11. Maddy says:

    How cool! They look even more ethereal in the all white room.

  12. these animals are amazing, especially since they’re made by hand! who know chicken wire could look so good?! the rabbits and giraffe are my favorites!

    also, love the new site design – your header is fabulous!