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Stripey Pillow from Sarah Foote | A tree and a white bike in a tiny bottle from Tiny World In A Bottle | Lace necklace from White Owl | Pink miniature felt bunny from Royal Mint

Ahhh sweet sweet Friday. This week has been particularly hectic, and hello random earthquake! We had plans to go to Cape May with family this weekend, but now it looks like we’ll be hunkering down for Hurricane Irene instead. The supermarket was packed tonight with responsible people stocking up on canned goods and bottled water. Our basket, on the other hand, contained beer and tortilla chips…we may need to work on our survival skills. Have a great weekend, everyone – stay safe!

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9 Responses to friday grab bag

  1. Alena (Oh, It's Just Perfect!) says:

    Beer and chips are the perfect way to survive :) Hahaha. That little terrarium is ADORABLE.

  2. stay safe over there! beer and tortilla chips sounds like a much more interesting “survival kit” than water and flashlights!

  3. Carly says:

    i loveee the stripey cushions! just come across your blog and love it. check out mine if you like :)


  4. Tang says:

    Have a great weekend and stay safe! :)

  5. Lena says:

    That tiny tree is magical.

  6. My mother went to the food store last night — she said it was like going to the store on the day before Thanksgiving. She waited in line for a full hour. This morning, the food store was quiet and lovely to shop in. I’m sorry your Cape May plans were cancelled. The good news is that the hurricane will hit enough land that it won’t be so horrible here. That said, stay safe and dry this weekend, Gloria!

  7. oh that miniature felt bunny is adorable as is that black lace necklace! have a great weekend and stay safe gloria!
    xx ~ k

  8. I only just read about the Hurricane warning… eeek! – stay safe! The headlines this year just seem to have been constantly huge and crazy! But anyway… that tiny world in a bottle must be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen :) I love it!

  9. Pilar says:

    love the tiny world bottle, it would be really cool to collect them :) enjoy your friday. xoxo