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Kitty Key Covers from Fred Flare | Amelie Gift Pack set from Wonderland Room | Black and White Kitty Canvas Flats from Ampris Loves | Cat Ears Ring from Unexpected Expectancy

Cats really don’t seem to like me. Correction: Cats really don’t seem to like me unless they’re looking for a hapless victim to terrorize. No idea why! One minute we’ll be great pals, and then without warning, they’ll go all Twilight on me with their fangs. I suspect that their furry little noses can detect that I’m on Team Dog. Hopefully this cute kitty round up will convince them to call a truce and retract their razor sharp claws from my limbs.

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17 Responses to meow meow meow

  1. Alena (Oh, It's Just Perfect!) says:

    The cat ears ring is fabulous!!! You always find such fun goodies :)

  2. sarah says:

    I just left the two best cats in the world (Hobart and Sofia) when I left Australia. They’re my brothers cats and they were the funniest/sweetest/most beautiful cats ever. I’m horribly allergic to them but they were worth the sneezes. In general though I’m with you-I’m definitely more of a dog person. These cat items are the best though! Love those key covers!

  3. Caroline Wang says:

    Ooo love this!! Great finds!

  4. bianca says:

    Hello Kitty is the ONLY cat I will cheer for. Haha, I agree with you on the cats and their temperaments. I can’t say however it’s because I’m also on Team Dog. I’m actually on team I-Don’t-Want-Any-Pet-I-Have-To-Take-Care-Of-Or-Clean-Up-After-That’s-Why-I-Don’t-Even-Have-Kids-Yet. ;)

  5. such cute stuff!! i love cats ~ and i am wondering if you do, because this may be why cats don’t fancy you. cats seem to be attracted to those who show indifference because they aren’t seen as a threat {is how they see it}. interesting stuff. try ignoring a cat sometime and see how they react. ;) ;)
    xo ~ kristina

  6. Erin Lian says:

    AAAAH! Those gift bags are beyond amazing. My bf’s cat uses my maxi dress like a play tube, good job he’s cute

  7. Katie*Belle says:

    That ring is so adorable! I’m Team Dog as well, but cats seem to like me. It’s probably because I’m so allergic to them that I try to keep my distance — they think I’m playing hard to get or something : )

  8. Ooooh my goodness! I love everything here!

    Sorry about your unluckiness with cats. :( Do you ever just let them sniff you first? That usually helps. That or just knowing when to stay away before it’s too late, ha!

  9. Lena says:

    I once thought John’s notoriously cruel cat Sally was warming up to me one Christmas-turns out it was really an attack. I like ’em better made of plastic or paper!

  10. holly says:

    omg that cat ring is soooo friggin’ cute! that would be the perfect gift for a cat-lover! i, too, am on team dog– cats are mysterious and you NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY’RE THINKING!!!!! bahahhaha

  11. Meagan says:

    Hah, you sound like my sister-in-law! She’s totally on team dog and our cat knows it. She swears he hates her but we try to tell her it’s just the way she treats him. He likes to be treated with agression, hahah. Anyway, I love this little round up – it really is the cat’s pajamas :)

  12. lizzie says:

    i like cats & dogs, most animals, actually…i love that cat ring! adorable.

  13. I feel the same way about cats, they must know a team dog member when they see one. That ring is so adorable though!! Perhaps they will like us more if we sported those accessories.

  14. Rebecca says:

    I’m definitely over there on Team Dog with you….faaaaar away from cats. Buuut those gift bags are pretty cute.

  15. Maddy says:

    Cats don’t like me either…then again I’m not sure they like anybody! I’ll take these kitty findings over the real thing any day :)

  16. Oh I’m completely on Team Dog too. I used to be incredibly allergic to cats and I still think they can sense the fear in me! Love that ring though, super cute!

  17. honeymyheart says:

    i’m not sure if cats like me either, but i think they’re cute! mostly i think cat inspired items like the gift pack are just cool.