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Rosa watercolour painting from Silver Ridge Studio | Colors 47 from Cocoa and Hearts

I’m not usually crazy about this color combo, but I’m totally enamored with the super bold strokes of pink and purple hues in these paintings – stunning!

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22 Responses to peas in a pod

  1. Pilar says:

    love that print, kind of whimsical!

  2. holly says:

    cute site changes! =)

    it’s so funny that you posted this because i just stumbled upon MadeByGirl a couple months ago and love her paintings. i hate to say that as simple as they look i could never create something as beautiful myself. the color combinations she chooses are just perfect.

    and that watercolor painting is so pretty!

  3. honeymyheart says:

    i love the boldness and hot pinks in the painting. it’s so sharp and sweet.

  4. gloria ~ these are such beautiful colors aren’t they?! that lady’s hair is awesome ~ i’d love to have hair like that! have a great rest of the wednesday ;) ;)
    xo ~ kristina

  5. Woah, for a minute there I thought you were sharing a painting of Rihanna, ha! I love this color combo and the way they’ve painted it!

  6. Lena says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I completely agree with you – the colour combinations are stunning! And the painting is just beautiful.

    Wishing you a sweet day!

  8. Anxiously awaiting for Cocoa and Hearts new arrivals! The brush strokes and color are so gorgeous!

  9. Loving this color combination as well, not sure it would go with my current decor but It’s still lovely to look at!

  10. Ohhh I love that first image! How stunning is that?! Love.

  11. I love the painting of the woman! Beautiful.

  12. L'Oreal says:

    Gorgeous photos!! I love bright colors!! :]

  13. Rocio Rincon says:

    I really like that color combination. To me, it has some vibrant energy. By the way, I also love Silver Ridge Studio she has some amazing illustrations. ツ

    Rocio R.

  14. rachel says:

    o la la, how pretty! and, psst… the new blog design looks great :)

  15. I agree, very pretty. Especially with the touches of gold. It just looks so rich!

  16. Anything with purple in it gets my vote!!

  17. I love the painting on the right… it’s all about the colour! And it is so gorgeous, must check out more of Jen Ramos’ work.

  18. Rebecca says:

    I’m not suuuper good with painting, but OMG I want to recreate that beautiful & colorful brush strokes painting!!! ahhhh.

  19. I’m not usually a pink and purple person, either, but I love the painting on the right with the touches of yellow!

  20. Maddy says:

    They are both gorgeous! Surprisingly, I’m drawn to the abstract strokes on the right the most :)

  21. they do look great together in these two pieces. i’m a big fan of jen’s paintings. she does a great job.

  22. Heather J says:

    Two peas in a pod is right. They are both gorgeous.