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Try as I might, I can’t stop staring at these intriguing photos by Canadian photographer Todd McLellan. For his Disassembly series, he rounded up old relics from our past – everything from cassette tapes to typewriters – and meticulously took apart every piece by hand before arranging the chaotic mess into neat collections (patience is a virtue, people). The mechanical details of each mundane household item are surprisingly intricate when viewed from this perspective – who would’ve guessed that a simple cassette tape was an engineering marvel? What a beautiful tribute to our retired technology!

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16 Responses to a million little pieces

  1. Jessica says:

    This is awesome. It really makes you appreciate the engineering it took to create these devices.

  2. these are absolutely intriguing!! very complex to say the least ;) ;)
    xx ~ ks

  3. How cool! I had no idea some of these things had SO many pieces.

  4. Maddy says:

    Very cool!! Reminds me of my hubby – he loves taking this apart and putting it back together again :)

  5. Johanna says:

    I can definitely appreciate Todd’s patience because I am short on that virtue. These are nothing short of amazing!

  6. so cool! I love collections.

  7. Erin Lian says:

    My brain hurts looking at it! <3

  8. domestikate says:

    Wow! These are incredible!

  9. kimbirdy says:

    what a wonderful way to channel one’s ocd into art! :) seriously though, wow. so many little pieces of metal and plastic just to make up a simple alarm clock or telephone. it really makes you think about how very much we must be sucking up our resources to make all the STUFF in our homes and cars. crazy.

  10. Lena says:

    How incredible-they remind me of those perfectly organized photos, too!

  11. Love this. So intricate! Have you seen the artist that carves things out of pencil lead?

  12. Lillian (Unstitched.) says:

    This is insanely COOL! Wow, I can’t imagine how meticulous he must have been, with keeping every piece in order! Seriously, so cool.

  13. Wow, how neat! I love the concept.

  14. Katie*Belle says:

    Wow, these photographs are mesmerizing!

  15. Love these images! Didn’t you share the organization of public places awhile back? These photos are so intriguing!