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Is anyone else excited for tights weather? These fun hand printed ones by Galstern are such an easy way to add drama to any outfit!

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11 Responses to she’s got legs

  1. rebecca says:

    your blog is kind of gorgeous. just thought you should know. :)

  2. Pilar says:

    i love these tights… i actually just purchased some fun, glittery tights and can’t wait to wear them :)

  3. Kyla says:

    Oh those tights are beautiful! I’ve been stubborn and wearing tights for a while now, but I can’t wait until it’s actually chilly so tights are appropriate :)

  4. Belly B says:

    WOW. These are SO bad ass. I love the one that looks like silver fish scales!

    Belly B :)

  5. domestikate says:

    Just don’t think I’d have the confidence for exciting legwear like this! I am loving my coloured tights though =D

  6. rachel says:

    love those first ones! I’m a huge fan of tights.

  7. yes! i’m excited for fall wear for sure! not sure if i’ll be wearing tights as much as maybe leggings though. hope your new job is going well gloria ~ i just think that’s so exciting!!! ;)

  8. Meagan says:

    So many fun tights! I adore the first pair!

  9. Maddy says:

    YES!!! That means I can be lazy skip shaving every now and then :)

  10. lizzie says:

    YES. I’m pumped.

  11. It has been tights weather for a while in London! Far too early for my liking but I would love a few fun pairs this winter :) and really want some grey wool ones!