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Gorgeous floral head piece? Check.
Cheerful billy ball bouquet? Check.
Darling pink ribbon shoe clips? Check.
Charmingly rustic burlap ring pillow? Check.

Looking through the wedding wares at whichgoose makes me want to send out Save the Dates for a second wedding bash! Now if only I could get the Mister onboard with this idea…

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10 Responses to whichgoose

  1. Be Inspired says:

    These are absolutely lovely! I love it all! These beauties call for a second wedding!

  2. These are all so beautiful! Especially loving the headpiece!

  3. Wow…such gorgeous items! Truly inspiring!

  4. Pilar says:

    i love those shoe clips, such a good way to make an outfit pop :)

  5. haha!! yes, the mister. . . i just love these pretty pieces gloria ~ would definitely make for such a sweet wedding!! ;) ;)
    xx ~ ks

  6. I sometimes worry that when I do get married, I’ll have so much fun planning I’ll just want to do it again.

    How’s the new job going?

  7. Lena says:

    How absolutely lovely-those millinery flowers are stunning!

  8. beautiful beautiful post, i love the colors and feel of it :)

  9. kimbirdy says:

    oh i know just what you mean! i drooled over this shop when i was planning my wedding, but ultimately went a different direction with my accessories. i keep telling myself that for our 5 year anniversary, we’ll throw a very classy party where i can include some of the wedding ideas i wasn’t able to use at our wedding, and the pretty things i found afterward. sounds like a good idea to me! :)

  10. Since second weddings are not culturally acceptable, I’ve settled for the idea of a huge 10 year anniversary shindig. This store will be going on that list of lovely vendors to check out! Gorgeous feminine details.