Macaroon Black Pyramid Stud necklace from LuvCharlie | Pyramid stud earmuffs from Michael Kors | Kimi pumps by Rachel Roy | Cassandra Proximo evening bag from Couturecandy

There are days where you wake up feeling like you’re ready to unleash your inner badass and rock the day, but pulling on leather pants and donning a Slash wig isn’t always a socially accepted option (unfortunately). Plan B? A sprinkling of pyramid studs will boost your outfit to platinum level hawtness!

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12 Responses to rock like an egyptian

  1. great pieces… that necklace is stunning!!

  2. Erin Lian says:


  3. Those shoes are awesome! And while I don’t wear earmuffs, I could probably be persuaded to rock these since they’re so damn fabulous.

  4. Lena says:

    LOVE these pieces!

  5. ha! LOVED that song by the bangles = classic. and these pieces gloria are awesome!! i so want a pair of sparkly pumps ~ i see another DIY project in the near future maybe? ;) ;)
    xx ~ ks

  6. i dont think i’m cool enough to sport any of these items, but i love how the all the studs instantly add an edgy feel!

  7. I know exactly the types of days you are referring to!

  8. kimbirdy says:

    oh man, that’s so true. my slash wig is so sad i never wear it anymore. :)

  9. those are pretty BA =)

  10. Tang says:

    Those shoes are badass! I wish I could wear them daily~!

  11. I love the necklace and that fabulous bag! Super edgy and fun.

  12. Katie*Belle says:

    I love this! I do have those days once in a while — and these finds are fantastic ways to indulge them!