DIY holiday wreath via All You | Red and white striped shoe clips from adgcornershop | Candy cane deer antler from Maya Jade Creations | Candy cane tea infuser from Fred Flare

I always pick up a big box of candy canes whenever Christmas rolls around, even though I’m well aware that after one or two nibbles, the rest of the box will be pushed to the back of the pantry, where there they will stay until sometime during the summer when the craving for a wintery treat hits, and I end up Googling things like “death by old candy canes?” while chomping through stale candy. Let’s just call it a family tradition?

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6 Responses to what’s red and white and cool all over

  1. “Death by old candy canes?” Too funny. But you never know, right? I hope you have a fantastic holiday my dear!

  2. Tang says:

    Hehe, I just bought two boxes the other day. Have a wonderful Christmas Gloria!

  3. Love that candy cane tea infuser. So stylish. :)

  4. Oh, It's Just Perfect! says:

    I LOVE that candy cane tea infuser!! That is so adorable. Great finds as usual :)

  5. Lena says:

    Those shoe clips are amazing, and I’d die to infuse my favorite peppermint tea with that candy cane-so clever!

  6. alli says:

    Too funny. We joke that you can’t eat a candy cane at my parents house, because you never know what year it’s from (my mom always buys a ton that nobody eats).