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Grand Game Wallpaper from Anthropologie | Sweet Bunnies Mobile from Rosenberry Rooms | SANAA armless chairs via designboom | Brass Rabbit Bookends from Amazon

I pray that I’m not the only person over the age of 10 who still plays the Rabbit Rabbit game at the beginning of every month, but, seriously, who couldn’t use an extra bit of luck? Much to my excitement, I managed to time it right at the stroke of midnight last night (don’t judge me), so here’s hoping for some fun surprises this month!

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22 Responses to rabbit rabbit rabbit

  1. Pilar says:

    those bookends, i want them!

  2. The Demoiselle says:

    EEk! The brass rabbit bookends are so perfect for a kids room or reading nook! They make me think of fables & fairytales

  3. Josie says:

    You’re not alone! I do it, too. I love those bookends!
    xo Josie

  4. Haewon @ BabybubbleNYC says:

    Love love love the chairs!

  5. Aww those little sad bunnies are so sweet. I want to hug and squeeze them!

  6. Oh, It's Just Perfect! says:

    I’ve never played it!! Thank goodness for blog land–I learn the coolest things ;)

    Those chairs are amazing!! So cool and artistic.

  7. I’m liking that rabbit wallpaper.

  8. Lena says:

    How have I never played this?! Obviously that’s why it’s rainy and gray in SF today!

  9. allyn says:

    one can never have too much luck. adorable finds [as always].

  10. kristina says:

    i’ve never played this game before! and don’t worry i never judge ;) love those cute chairs!!
    xx, k

  11. Connie @ Daydream In Color says:

    I was totally cursing myself for forgetting to say this first today! Love the rabbit finds…

  12. Bon Bon says:

    The Rabbit Rabbit game? I’m intrigued:-) Gotta love those little furry floppy ears! xoxo

  13. Kelsey Ross says:

    Oh My Gosh!! I thought I was the ONLY one! I think my 3rd grade teacher told me about Rabbit Rabbit. I even go so far as to feel a little bummed out if it’s the first of the month and I forget.
    Thanks for the fun post.

  14. amy b.s. says:

    these rabbits are too cute!

  15. Maddy says:

    Is it too late for me too play along too? I could use the extra bit of luck ;)

  16. kat says:

    That’s so funny, I’m English but I’ve never heard of Rabbit Rabbit… We used to say (and do) “A pinch and a punch for the first of the month”… But I think I’d prefer the more gentle Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit…..

  17. Alexa says:

    Love the little floppy eared rabbit bookends.

  18. Katie*Belle says:

    What adorable finds! That rabbit mobile is too cute.

  19. Crissy says:

    Thanks for introducing me to “Rabbit Rabbit”….. believe it or not, I’ve never heard of that before. Love those bunny bookends too!

  20. elissa says:

    those sad looking bookend bunnies are adorable. i love them and their turned-down ears…

  21. Anna @ IHOD says:

    Those rabbit ears chairs are too much! What a cool company! The little mobile is so cute:)

  22. honeymyheart says:

    the first of the month always reminds me of saying “rabbit, rabbit” as a kid ;) and all of those rabbit items are so cute.