Palm Tree Bokeh photo from Urban Dreams

Hubs and I have packed up our shorts and sunglasses, and are headed across the country to California for a family wedding! I’m a little sad Toby can’t come along, but he’s busy making lots of friends at a wonderful kennel nearby. The best part is that we can Skype with him while we’re away. No joke. This is why I love Brooklyn.

See you all back here in a week!

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19 Responses to fun in the sun

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  2. Maddy says:

    Have fun! And Skype-ing with Toby sounds too cool to be true :) Gotta love NYC!

  3. Tang says:

    Have a great time in California Gloria! I can’t wait to head back there one day.

  4. Enjoy! Sounds like it will be a lovely trip!

  5. Pilar says:

    yayyy enjoy cali!

  6. krystal says:

    you can skype with toby when you are gone?????? jealous. although in iowa, there was a kennel where the animals had their own rooms and you can log in to the rooms webcam and check them out anytime…haha.

  7. Jackie says:

    Hooray! Have a wonderful and relaxing time. :)

  8. Jessica says:

    Hope you guys have fun here in California especially at the wedding!

  9. Johanna says:

    Have a blast and enjoy some R&R. It’s a wedding weekend!

  10. Have fun in Cali..and skyping with Toby! ;)

  11. enjoy california!! its the best. if you’re in the bay area, make sure to squeeze in some good eats!

  12. kristina says:

    have a great time in ca gloria!! i’m originally from ca – can’t wait to see photos?!

  13. have a great trip and look forward to read how it went!

  14. Alli says:

    I love that photo! Hope your trip is wonderful (and hope to see some pics!).

  15. Alexa says:

    Yay! Have fun. California is the best (not biased or anything). ;)

  16. Lena says:

    Enjoy the vacation!

  17. rooth says:

    Have a great and warm trip!

  18. Katie*Belle says:

    I hope you have a wonderful trip. It sounds fantastic!

  19. Pink Ronnie says:

    Sounds fantastic Gloria – hope you guys have the best time.
    May the Skyping go well for both your sakes… :)
    Ronnie xo