Beehive Cake Stand from West Elm | Bee Drop Earrings from The Velvet Heart | Silver Plated Honey Bee Jar from Amazon | Bee Rubber Stamp from Norajane

I love what spring brings – chirping birds, open windows, blooming flowers, and terribly itchy eyes. Oh wait, scratch that last one. I’ve never had any problems with seasonal allergies until a few years ago, when I transformed into a Claritin-popper overnight. In fact, my eyes are already getting that dreaded itchy feeling as I type this. Sigh. Eating local honey can supposedly help your body become accustomed to pollen and reduce allergy symptoms, so I’m going to try it this season! Hopefully making a beeline (haha) to the honey stand at the farmer’s market will cure what ails me.

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8 Responses to sweet as honey

  1. Pilar says:

    that honey jar is the cutest thing! happy sunday, xoxo

  2. My brother uses honey to cure everything! Apparently, it’s a great natural medicine.

  3. I didn’t know that about honey & allergies, good to know! That honey bee jar is just too clever!

  4. I’m starting to get itchy eyes too, so I’ll have to look into the honey tip! Cute cake stand!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Lena says:

    These little honeybees are so sweet–they remind me of the beekeeper who lived next door when I was growing up! We always had his honey growing up, and I’m certain they kept allergies at bay!

  6. kristina says:

    oh wow! that honey bee jar is just beautiful and i adore the rubber stamp!!

  7. rooth says:

    Hope you can avoid those itchy scratchy eyes. Those earrings are pretty darling!

  8. Katie*Belle says:

    I never knew that about honey. I’m a total allergy geek so I will have to try it … and buy that adorable cake stand : )