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DIY book planter from Green Wedding Shoes | DIY Book Shelves from Real Simple | To Kill a Mockingbird booksi iPhone dock from Rich Neeley Designs | Heart shaped carving hollow book from pommes frites

In the ongoing war between books and e-books, I’m Team Books all the way. I know, I know – Kindles hold hundreds of books, have lots of cute covers, and most importantly, never give you a single paper cut (shudder). And yet, reading’s just not the same for me without going down to the library and perusing through the shelves to pick the perfect one to bring home. I love marking great passages with bits of paper like some strange species of squirrel, and wondering who else read that exact copy snuggled up on the couch, turning page after page long past bedtime.

I know that books will unfortunately go the way of the dinosaurs one day, and when that day comes, I’ll be turning mine into awesome shelving units and iPhone docking stations. Hey, when life hands you lemons!

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7 Responses to book hacks

  1. Pink Ronnie says:

    ‘Book hacks’ – love it! Hiding a ring in a book as a way of proposing would be SO cool. And I agree – real books win hands down.
    Hope your weekend is lovely!
    Ronnie xo

  2. Lena says:

    I still feel wistful when I open up my Kindle cover to read a book, but at least books will have a gorgeous second life–I love that iPhone dock!

  3. rooth says:

    The succulents peeping out of that book is so clever and cute

  4. amy b.s. says:

    i’m still a lover of actually turning the page of a book. and the smell of the paper.

  5. Kyla says:

    I love books…and I refuse to purchase an e-reader because I like to see my library grow. Those ideas are super fun though, I love the iphone dock.

  6. Joelle says:

    First of all, how cute is your blog! So glad I found it! And I have to say that I’m still undecided about the whole book vs. kindle thing…I just got an iPad, and I love being able to read anywhere without having to worry about bringing my book with me {since I obviously bring my iPad with me everywhere now…}. On the other hand, I love having a library full of books in my home. I think, though, that I can have both. Right?

    Love these ways of displaying books, especially as shelves. Too cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! So excited to follow your story along as well :)


  7. nice!! Love all of these projects…..now, I’m gonna have to go get myself some old books since I only read books with my Ipad these days ;)