Matteo Cibic's Domsai Terrarium from A+R | Blocked Planter from Anthropologie | Campy Planter from perch design | Dinosaur Planter from Boy-Girl Tees

The trees outside our windows are currently studded with teeny green leaves, and it’s making me yearn for something green in the house! My infamous black thumb is well documented, but these chic planters are slowly but surely convincing me to give succulents another shot…

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13 Responses to perfect planters

  1. i could have tons of those planters with little feet… they’re so cute!

  2. Josie says:

    These planters are SO fun!
    xo Josie

  3. amy b.s. says:

    those planters are too fun!

  4. Alycia says:

    oh my god this is like eye candy to me! i love cute and interesting planters :)

  5. kristina says:

    hey gloria, loving these! succulents are my favorite as they are pretty low-maintenance!!

  6. Pilar says:

    such cute planters!

  7. cathy says:

    Those are so cool! (:

    Check out my blog & follow? (:

  8. Kyla says:

    Ohh I love how quirky and fun these are! I want that little dino planter :)

  9. Mallory says:

    these really are perfect! i have a black thumb too… so much so that i don’t dare to even TRY having succulents.

  10. Maddy says:

    I definitely want to get some succulents for the living room and these planters would be the perfect way to display them!

  11. rooth says:

    Oh no, your succulents died?! We gave some to a friend hoping they would be bomb proof…

  12. Johanna says:

    Love the leg planters…it would at least make our black thumbs a bit more comical, no?