And he’s REALLY grumpy this year, so don’t even think about asking for extra Cadbury eggs in your basket unless you want to lose a finger!

Oh goodness, if looks could kill.

Happy Easter weekend!

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13 Responses to the easter bunny’s on his way

  1. toby is super adorable! ahhh! looks like he’s loving those bunny ears ;)

  2. Erin says:

    This is THE cutest thing I have seen all week!


  3. he heeeee! this photo is soooooo incredibly cute, love it!

  4. Maddy says:

    OMG!! This photo totally made my day :) Haha!!

  5. Kit says:

    This photo cracked me up! Poor little guy- he sulks very well!

  6. So cute. There’s really nothing like dressing up pups, especially with Easter bunny ears. Have a great Easter, Gloria!

  7. Lena says:

    I’m DYING–this is so perfect!

  8. Belly B says:

    Aww look at that grumpy face!!! I think pugs have the most expressive face of all dogs;)

  9. Oh my goodness…that’s seriously the cutest picture. Happy Easter!

  10. goodness! oh so cute!

    thanks for brightening up my afternoon with this one!
    your new follower!

  11. awwwww, what a cute little grump

  12. rooth says:

    Oh man, someone is NOT happy. I love your little “Oh My” cover up too – haha