Martha Stewart ombre banister via casasugar | Custom heart of gold papier mache keepsake gift from Paloma's Nest | Little Sparkler Necklace from Spool No.72 | Wool sweater eskimos nesting dolls from MooShoo

Happy Friday! The weather is supposed to be faaabulous this weekend, so I’m looking forward to running around outside in shorts and sipping iced coffee in the sunshine.

PS. Does anyone have recommendations for a simple detox diet/cleanse? I’ve been feeling sluggish the past few weeks, and I think my body needs a jump start!

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17 Responses to friday grab bag

  1. Cara says:

    What a beautiful grab bag of items. You truly have incredible taste, you curate such sweet collections on a daily basis. It’s just lovely…and now I’m buying that necklace. :)

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I feel so inspired whenever I come to your blog :) I love that about it over here!

  3. Victoria says:

    What great inspiration for a Monday morning.. Dreaming big this week, that’s for sure!

  4. The bannister! Oh the bannister! Why oh why have I not done this in my home? Let us know if you find a good detox because I have been looking for a good one everywhere!

  5. Ana says:

    The eskimo nesting dolls are beautiful.

  6. Tang says:

    Ombre bannister? Amazing!

  7. rooth says:

    Mmm, an iced coffee weekend? Sounds quite excellent

  8. Hot diggity, I love that gorgeous necklace!

  9. Bonnie says:

    There are a few juice cleanses on the website Fit Sugar if you want to check those out.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Kyla says:

    I love the eskimo nesting dolls! You find the quirkiest things :) And I’m sorry, I don’t know of any good detox diets… :/

  11. Hmm…I know green smoothies are a great cleanse, or just great way to start your day. You can either make your own with spinach and fruit, or I get a green spinach/fruit drink from Trader Joe’s.

  12. megan says:

    Love all of these! So pretty.

  13. Johanna says:

    Can we just talk about those ombre stairs. I wish I could get away with that!

  14. Kirsteen says:

    Love the banister! x

  15. You always find the prettiest things! Love that gold heart!!!