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1. Botanical Journal from Rifle Paper Co. | 2. Claus Porto Blue Guest Soap Pastille Gift Box from Gracious Style | 3. Heart Wood Board from Fishs Eddy | 4. Gold Vermeil Forget Me Knot Ring from White Fly | 5. Hen + Chick Growing Kit from Red Envelope | 6. Tea Honey from Savannah Bee Company

I developed an obsession with caterpillars in first grade after learning about how they transform into beautiful butterflies, and one day I spent an entire recess collecting the fuzzy critters and placing them in my lunchbox to take home as pets. I promptly forgot about all of this by the time I got home and handed my lunchbox over to my mother. Let’s just say I’m surprised she didn’t immediately give me up for adoption after opening it up to find a whooole lot of dead caterpillars. Surprise!! She deserves all of these gifts (and much much more) for Mother’s Day next Sunday.

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18 Responses to gift guide for yo mama

  1. ohsogirly says:

    Those hen and chick plant pots are the cutest thing I’ve seen in a looong time! ^_^

  2. michelle says:

    love those hen + chick pots!

  3. little t says:

    Cute ideas- I like the journal!

  4. Meagan says:

    Such a perfect round up of mom-worthy gifts!

  5. Ha! Yes, our mothers are worthy of sainthood! They’re also kind of tough to shop for, so loving these ideas. I’m far away from home, so relying on my brother to pick up the perfect gift from the both of us… might have to email this collage his way!

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  6. homestilo says:

    Oh that is such a funny story. I don’t do well with insects, I think I would have fainted on the spot! This gift round up has so many sweet ideas. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Kirsteen says:

    Gorgeous picks! The knot ring is beautiful.

  8. Meg says:

    thanks for the gift suggestions! was going to buy flowers and even with a $40 groupon it was still another $22, i love my mom but still ouch! plus flowers will wilt, i want something she will really truly and can enjoy it longer than a week or however long flowers last

  9. Johanna says:

    That’s a cute story! I love the little bird potted planters. Such a sweet little surprise each morning!

  10. jen @jenbe.me says:

    great finds! so cute!! :D

  11. Ana says:

    I adore those planters! I say gimme gimme.

  12. Aww! Those are all really cute gift ideas. My mom is visiting next weekend for Mother’s Day. Can’t wait!

  13. Krysten says:

    What fun choices!

  14. Oh man, I would totally freak out if I opened that lunch box – I admit I open my kids with a bit of trepidation everyday! :) I love that gold rope ring!

  15. Jackie says:

    Gloria, you have outdone yourself (according to my taste at least)! I already forwarded your post onto my husband… it could honestly have the title “Perfect gifts for Jackie.”

  16. rooth says:

    That’s such a cute story!

  17. Kyla says:

    Aww, what a cute guide! My mom would love that botanical journal :)

  18. Katie*Belle says:

    What a sweet post! I love all these items, especially that gorgeous journal.