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Ivory Leather Coin Purse With Small Black Triangles from Blackbird And The Owl | Twin Triangle Necklace from The Little Drom Store | Tiny Tree Wallpaper from Maria Bergstrom | Stone Set and Triangle Wood Curio Shelf from The Haunted Hollow Tree

I’m always smitten with triangles, whether they’re equilateral, isosceles, scalene, right, acute, OR obtuse.

Did you guys have a fun weekend? I’m happy to say my annual flip flop tan is developing nicely after lots of frolicking around outside. Super classy.

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16 Responses to love triangle

  1. ashley says:

    Nice blog :) Did you do the design yourself?

  2. Johanna says:

    I am coveting the wallpaper. Did you know that I am dying to wallpaper something…anything for pete’s sake.

  3. Connie | Daydream In Color says:

    Even obtuse? Goodness! JK. Love these triangle finds. I will never tire of them! I pretty much need that wallpaper…

  4. little t says:

    Me too! I don’t know what it is- I’ve been searching forever for a little silver chain with a triangle pendant but I’ve yet to find the perfect one. Maybe it exists only in my head!

  5. honeymyheart says:

    triangles are so fun! i’m really liking the necklace. and yay for flip flop tans!! they are worth it after awesome outdoor days.

  6. Oooh, I’m loving the triangle necklace! Glad you had a good weekend – I wish we had enough sun here in Hong Kong to get a flipflop tan…

  7. Kyla says:

    I too am smitten with triangles…such a fun shape! I love that wallpaper :) And you’re not alone, I also seem to be getting a classy sandals tan…

  8. Maddy says:

    That necklace is so pretty! And the coin purse is lovely too :)

  9. Lena says:

    Love this collection, and the sound of your weekend!

  10. that necklace is awesome! i’m also a little obsessed with triangles at the moment… cushions, jewellery, whatever, i want it in triangles! :)

  11. Alexa says:

    Love that triangle necklace…it’s just so simple and pretty!

  12. Haha love getting that flip-flop tan. Very cute coin purse!

  13. rooth says:

    I love the flip flop tan! I don’t have one because I’ve been baking by the pool for too long – yikes

  14. I live my life according to triangles, especially when I walk places. For some reason, I see the world like that. But oddly, I don’t own any yet. Perhaps that’s something to change.

    And I had a fun weekend — I’m glad you got some frolic time in too!

  15. Chelsea says:

    I don’t know exactly what I would do with a pyramid full of geodes, but now that I have seen it I want it. xo