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Bugs in general freak me out, but spiders are in a class alllll of their own. I’d happily spend the night in the bathtub if I saw one of these creepy crawlies scuttling across my bedroom wall, or even worse, ceiling! And so I must thank Thomas Shahan for taking these absolutely stunning macro shots because Lord knows I’d never ever get close enough to a spider to appreciate their strange beauty otherwise. Does anyone else feel slightly hypnotized staring into those shiny, alien eyes?

*Apologies to arachnophobes who came here expecting something pretty to look at, and then BAM – giant spiders in your face!! I just thought these photos were too incredible not to share.

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10 Responses to up close & personal

  1. bianca says:

    I’m with you on happily keeping my distance from spiders but these shots are incredible. So amazing the detail God put into these little creatures!

  2. Johanna says:

    Ha ha…is it me or do they appear kinda cute? But I feel ya on insects for sure.

    ? – did you design your own blog? I want to find someone to give me a freshie.

  3. Mallory says:

    horrifying! but cool. horrifying & cool at the same time.

    i was at the ocean with my family for mother’s day this weekend & looking at crabs in tide pools & my mom commented on how weird it is that i love crabs but am horrified of spiders – crabs are spiders of the sea after all. i guess it’s just because there’s no danger of a crab crawling up my arm as i innocently sit in bed reading. i don’t have crabs crawling creepily around my house!

  4. they don’t even look like spiders! (or maybe I’ve never looked that closely?) That is one brave dude.

  5. rooth says:

    Oooh boy this is scary. I feel like I’m in LOTR all of a sudden

  6. allyn says:

    the photos are amazing. i love bug pictures!

  7. Lena says:

    EEEK–amazing and terrifying!

  8. Those are so cool… I can see a few movie characters in there

  9. Jenni Bailey says:

    Those are incredible. But very heeby-jeeby inducing at the same time.