Bright Pink Colour Block Playsuit from River Island | Metallic Jacquard Playsuit from TOPSHOP | Liz Floral Romper and Mad Mesh Romper from Nasty Gal

Rompers are a bit tricky to pull off, as they’re, you know, essentially adult onesies. The fear of looking like an overgrown 12 year old has kept me from rocking them myself, but that was before I happened upon these – I can’t imagine anyone mistaking me for a truant 6th grader in one of these chic little numbers!

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10 Responses to romper room

  1. Tang says:

    The black romper is super chic. I love it.

  2. jen says:

    oh, how i wish i could pull off rompers! <3

  3. These are so cute! I wish I could pull this look off, it looks so comfy and easy for summer.

  4. Jessica says:

    I tried on a romper once. It was a mistake! I’m not going to go to lie – I love the way they look and think some women can pull them off flawlessly. Sadly, that was not case for me. Sadness.

  5. rachael adele says:

    ahh, the romper. i want to be able to jump on this trend so badly but they just don’t do a lot for my bod. these are all such cute options though!

  6. These are so comfy for the summer months!!!

  7. Mariko says:

    Yeah, I’m short-waisted, so jumpers have always sort of freaked me out, but that cute little number on the upper left has me torn.

  8. rooth says:

    I’ve tried one on before and they just don’t look right on me. But if they work for you, then rock it

  9. Belly B says:

    They’re awesome! Just a little awkward when you go to the bathroom HAHA ;)