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1. Rotating Pinwheel Ring from Virginie Millefiori | 2. Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone Case from Case Sera Sera | 3. Watermelon Pochette from P. Johnson Tailors | 4. Hose Water Glass Bottle from Faucet Face | 5. The Ocean Front Walk bike from Solé

The first day of summer is finally here, and as if on cue, the temperature soars to 95°. Pass the fan, please! We don’t have any major travel plans, but there are lots of things I’m looking forward to getting under my belt over the next few months, in addition to a few leftover from last year that I didn’t get around too. What’s on your summer fun list?

  1. Hit up some local beaches – helloooo Fire Island!
  2. Take a screenprinting class
  3. Make homemade ice cream! This might be challenging without a machine, but I’ll give this recipe a try.
  4. Go glamping on our roof patio. Sleeping under the stars and eating s’mores without packing a single bag sounds like my kind of fun.
  5. Cheer on players at the US Open
  6. Buy some great prints for our bedroom at the Renegade Crafts Fair (my fav!)
  7. Go clam digging. No clue where to do this – any suggestions?
  8. Kayak around Manhattan. It’s free!
  9. Throw a big BBQ bash with lots of sangria
  10. And go berry picking, of course. Nom nom nom.
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20 Responses to school’s out for summer

  1. Johanna says:

    That bike is awesome. I love the color palette.

  2. your blog is adorable!love every single one of these items, and that bucket list sounds like the epitome of summer

  3. Victoria says:

    I love your Summer list, sounds like you have a great Summer planned!!

  4. I love all of these picks, especially the ring and scarf! If I could spend most of the summer swimming, I’d be happy. I also really want to take a calligraphy class!

  5. Ohh I love the glamping idea! My summer is filled with summer weddings.

  6. That iPhone case is SO. STINKIN. CUTE!!!!!!

  7. Can I pack a bag and join you in your adventures? Sounds so awesome! I really want to go glamping on a rooftop!

  8. Pink Ronnie says:

    Berry picking and screen printing sound divine…
    Could that bike BE any cuter?
    Ronnie xo

  9. your summer list sounds amazing! glamping on a rooftop and lots of BBQing sounds like so much fun!

  10. lena says:

    Holy ADORABLE!!

  11. Kirsteen says:

    Beaches + homemade ice-cream sounds good to me!

  12. megan says:

    Such a great list! I need to think about my own now. :) xo

  13. I love that ring, and I love the idea of glamping! Happy Summer!

  14. Alexa says:

    I want to eat that iPhone case. Haha.

  15. want the bike! now! send it! buy it for me! jk!

  16. Love you picks! We’re going to try to travel travel travel, right outside of the city and further if we can pull it off!

  17. rooth says:

    Sangria sounds pretty delicious right now

  18. Sara says:

    I love your summer list! I’m going to spend my summer by Lake Michigan, watch movies/concerts in the park, dine alfresco, and drink yummy summer cocktails.

  19. You have a roof patio?? That’s so awesome! I love your summer list. And that iphone case is both brilliant and torturous — mainly just because if I had it, it’d make me hungry every time I looked at it.

    Perhaps our paths will cross at Renegade this weekend!

  20. Katie*Belle says:

    I love these summery picks — and your list is fantastic! I definitely want to make the most of the season.