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I’m not usually too adventurous when it comes to mixing patterns, as I think there can be a fine line between looking amazing and looking a bit like a crazy lady when you’re not a fashion maven. However I brought home these cute polka dot shorts last week, and there was instant magnetism with my trusty blue gingham shirt. They make a pretty cute couple, no?

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30 Responses to all mixed up

  1. Rachael says:

    They make an adorable couple! Well done on mixing patterns! I’m a little apprehensive to do it as well but you did it perfectly :)

  2. i love those shorts! i totally want the green and black ones!

  3. Hello! I saw you on Elembee today and wanted to pop over and check out your blog and immediately saw THESE SHORTS. Which I’ve had in my Old Navy online shopping bag for weeks and haven’t purchased yet. But obviously will now that I’ve seen how cut they are in “person”.

  4. {gemmifer} says:

    Adorable combo! I can’t get enough of gingham but have been eyeing a lot of dots lately too… this could solve the issue ;)

  5. I love the colors together and the print mix is subtle – awesome!

  6. Meagan says:

    I love the combo – well done!

  7. Love this! Those shorts are really awesome and you can’t go wrong with a gingham shirt!

  8. Love this combination! You look adorable – and I love the gold flats!

  9. Oh my gosh — I love how you have put this together! It looks like they were always meant to be worn together. :-)

  10. Ana says:

    I love mixing patterns! It looks so cute :)

  11. Such a cute look! Love the colours and patterns together. Oh, when will we get Old Navy in the UK?! :)

  12. Alli says:

    This is SO cute : )

  13. michelle says:

    I think it works! Way to mix it up :)

  14. alexa says:

    Oh wow. What a glorious combination of colors and patterns here! My heart is fluttering!

  15. Gina says:

    For someone who doesn’t usually mix patterns, you’re a pro. Beautiful colors to make the perfect mix/match. LOVE it.


  16. Megan says:

    What a cute combo! I looove the mustardy yellow of the shorts

  17. Lena says:

    This combination is beyond fabulous–and the gold is the perfect way to bring it all together!

  18. Maggie Josey says:

    I love love love this outfit! the color combo and the patter mixing work super well!

  19. those shorts are fab! especially with the blue gingham shirt! xo


  20. Laicie says:

    They make a PERFECT couple — I love this!!

  21. Those shorts are so fun! Love them :-)

  22. I know what you mean – I’m always a little iffy about mixing my patterns as well, but have been trying to be more daring lately. Love the look with the shorts!

  23. I love it… It looks so summery and fun!

  24. Yes they do! So cute ^_^

  25. rooth says:

    They do go really well together – good eye!

  26. love mixing prints. very cute.

  27. Johanna says:

    You got ’em! I’m so glad someone did. Those are adorable…perfect pairing!

  28. jillian m. says:

    Agreed! It’s super cute. I heart those shorts so much.