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Bitty Bag Envelope Liners from Whisker Graphics | Birdcage Envelope Liner from simplethings press | DIY Fabric Lined Envelopes from Project Wedding | DIY Doily Envelope Liner from Avie Designs

You know what would beat the Monday blues? Finding a letter from a friend, filled with sweet words and tucked inside a beautifully lined envelope, waiting in your mailbox amongst the daily catalogs and junk mail.

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13 Responses to inner beauty

  1. Nina says:

    i <3 stationery! I'm kind of obsessed with these!

  2. Handwritten notes really are the best. I need to remember to send more!

  3. jen says:

    ooo.. love hidden details!

  4. Kirsteen says:

    Love the red and white striped one – this would be so fun to receive!

  5. Lena says:

    That really is the perfect way to start a new week! I’m already dreaming about lining our wedding invites!

  6. rooth says:

    Yes to snail mail and lined envelopes – they make the letters seem so luxurious right?

  7. katherine says:

    i LOVE lined envelopes. i wanted to do them for my wedding invites, but on top of cutting like 5 different cards out and little lemon sticks and all the other stuff i did, it was a little too much! it’s such a pretty little surprising detail

  8. alexa says:

    I love envelopes with a fancy inside, they are so fun to open up.

  9. Laura says:

    I love a good envelope liner! People underestimate the happy power of a liner.

  10. I love getting mail! That would definitely make my day.

  11. Laicie says:

    I love a pretty envelope liner. These are gorgeous. Hope you had a nice weekend!!

  12. Connie | Daydream In Color says:

    I love these! Little surprise envelope liners are the best. Looking at these make me want to send out random letters! Same with purses. Is it bad that I sometimes want a purse really badly just for the polka dot liner inside?

  13. these are so super sweet, especially love the fabric lined ones. there’s nothing better than recieving pretty stationery in the post! :)