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Zebras Umbrella from Digs | Rainy Day Large Throw from Donna Wilson | La Famille Goutte from Z¨aut; | Storm of Sparkles Ring Holder from ModCloth

I got caught in a sudden downpour while walking home from the subway yesterday, and unfortunately my purse failed to magically produce an umbrella for me to whip out. My usual reaction to this scenario would be akin to that of a cat that had been unceremoniously dumped in the bathtub, however I surprisingly started to enjoy myself after a few blocks! There’s something kind of fun about surrendering to the elements and not caring that your hair is getting matted down or that you’re slowly but surely entering wet t-shirt contest territory. I may have looked liked a drowned rat when I finally made it home, but I felt completely refreshed and renewed from the simple magic of summer rain.

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14 Responses to summer rain

  1. Rachel says:

    Splishing and splashing in the rain was one of my favourite things to do when I was younger! Make up and hair get in the way when you’re a grown up :( That umbrella would do a great job of protecting my war paint though!

  2. The modcloth ring holder is adorable!!

  3. rooth says:

    A summer rain storm is much more pleasant than a cold drizzly winter one. I love the smiley raindrops – how happy are they

  4. Meagan says:

    Summer rain really is magical. I love the blanket AND the umbrella so much!

  5. Those raindrops are adorable… Quite appropriate for the weather over here… Ha!

  6. honeymyheart says:

    designed umbrellas are the best! my current one has flowers, but i think the zebra one you posted is a must have.

  7. hahaha your “wet t-shirt” contest cracked me up! I am so in love with the zebra patterns right now!

    P.S. I have some exciting news! I am moving my blog over from ThreeLayerCake to GlamourMash and would love if you followed me there! I haven’t made the official announcement to my followers yet but I wanted to let some of my favorite bloggers (YOU!) know first!

    Hope you had a fabulous week!!!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  8. rain rain don’t go away, come again some other day :)

  9. homestilo says:

    Ha- “…a cat that had been unceremoniously dumped in the bathtub”- you make me chuckle b/c that is how I always react to being caught in the rain. Glad you were able to enjoy it though.

  10. I love all these, especially the little raindrop family and the ring holder!

  11. I am so used to getting caught in rain showers that I have learnt to embrace them! Also, London is usually very windy so an umbrella doesn’t help anyway! I am desperately in love with that zebra brolly!

  12. Laicie says:

    Aww I love this! Good for you for enjoying it, I tend to head into panic territory in those situations… I could learn a thing or two. :)

  13. Katie*Belle says:

    What a beautiful experience! I love a summer rainstorm, and how lovely to give in to the elements. I’m glad you were headed home when it happened : )

  14. Those little raindrop pillows are SO sweet! Thanks for posting :) Cheers from London!