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I recently picked up a couple of cork coasters at the neighborhood thrift store for $1, and turned them into a scrumptious fruit salad – no cutting board required! They add the perfect splash of color & summer fun to the patio table when we barbecue, and the best part is they’re a cinch to make!

DIY citrus coasters

  1. Start with plain old run-of-the-mill corkboard coasters, like these
  2. Paint two thin coats of white paint (I used this Martha Stewart gesso primer), and let dry
  3. Cut out a stencil using bristol board (you can download my template here), and secure it to the coaster using double sided tape or some binder clips.
  4. Dab the paint on, being careful not get any under the edges of the stencil. Terrorize your family with paint splattered fingers! Let dry, then paint another coat.
  5. Once the second coat is dry, remove the stencil and touch up the lines with a teeny paintbrush if necessary
  6. When the coasters are fully dry, lightly spray them with a top coat like this one, to seal in the paint. Then give Toby a high five, because you, my friend, are all done!

DIY citrus coasters

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22 Responses to DIY citrus coasters

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for sharing your idea. I made a big batch of these as a gift for my friends who opened up a little family restaurant in Japan. So now your idea is world-wide!

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  3. onel says:

    I saw some of these circular cork coasters on sale nearby my place too! These citrus coasters would be perfect for them!

  4. michelle says:

    I love these, sooo cute, bright, and summery :)

  5. Those are the cutest things – The citrusy colors are just so fun!

  6. val says:

    This is brilliant and SO cute! Nicely done :)

  7. Marie says:

    what a great idea – they look so cute and summery!

  8. these are too cute! love the pup’s approval!

    xoxo navy & orange

  9. These are adorable! I love the citrus-y colors. :-) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jenna says:

    What a cute DIY! I might need to try this for an upcoming BBQ!

  11. homestilo says:

    These look great (much bigger than the average coaster too) AND now I know what gesso primer is good for!

  12. Lena says:

    These are so darling–I love ’em!

  13. Laicie says:

    !!! Too cute! I want to do this now.

  14. Cara says:

    How absolutely adorable! Love the photo with Toby!

  15. Meagan says:

    Aww! THese are so cute!

  16. Belly B says:

    OMG i LOVE these! So cute + that photo at the end is just awesome ;)

  17. These are so adorable, what a great DIY!

  18. Aren’t you clever? I really used to hate mowing grass back when I lived in a place where grass actually grew, but these are cute enough to make me want a backyard and a patio. It doesn’t hurt that your dog is The Cutest.

  19. rooth says:

    You’re so creative – I really like these. You could totally sell them!

  20. How fun! i love the vibrant colours – perfect for the season. Cheers from London!