Low Back White Cotton Dress with Pockets from Lana Stepul | Suitcases WallStickers from ferm LIVING | You're a Hottie card from Printerette Press | Roost Constellation Pendant Lamps from aHa! Modern Living

Happy Friday! I’ve only had the opportunity to meet up with other bloggers a few times, so I’m excited to be going to the Blogger Bash for Victoria of A Subtle Revelry tomorrow…and a wee bit nervous, as I’m not going with a buddy. Eek! Walking into a room full of strangers is always a tough thing for me, but it’s nothing a few mimosas can’t fix, amirite? Will I see any of you lovely ladies there?

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15 Responses to friday grab bag

  1. becks says:

    so cute – love these Friday Grab Bag posts :)


  2. Meagan says:

    That hottie card is incredible. And I think those pendant lights would be magical! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  3. Tang says:

    :O I must buy that card. Love Sriracha…!!!

  4. Good luck — I hope you have a wonderful time! Happy Weekend! :-)

  5. honeymyheart says:

    enjoy the blogger bash :)

  6. Yay!!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Now i just need to figure out what to wear!

  7. Mimosas fix all!

    I’ve never been to a blogger meet up. One of these days!!!

  8. Lena says:

    Sounds like such fun–you know, after that terrifying, “HOMIGOD STRANGERS FROM THE INTERNET” sensation!

  9. Laicie says:

    Oh my gosh I’m so jealous you’re going on Saturday… I wanted to! Have so much fun! I love your grab bag. :)

  10. homestilo says:

    and bummer that it’s NYC and I didn’t know about it- I would have gone as your “buddy” :-) Maybe next time!

  11. homestilo says:

    Meeting fellow bloggers is always nice- hope you have a blast!

  12. Alyssa says:

    I love the suitcase wall decal–so cute! Enjoy the meet up and have a great weekend!

    The Glossy Life

  13. Hello Friday says:

    How awesome! Have fun! xoxo

  14. rooth says:

    Oh that sounds like fun – have a blast. Dress with pockets? Uhh, yes please