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Multi Envelope Clutch Bag with Chain Shoulder Strap from HarLex | OUI Ring from Street Bauble | Bulb Vases from Graham and Green | Koko storage jar from Camila Prada

Happy Friday! Hubs is going on a business trip to Austin this weekend, and I’m tagging along for all the fun parts. Yesss! I was born in Texas shortly before my parents moved to the northeast, and I’ve never been back since, so I’m pumped to get back to my BBQ-eating roots. See you guys back here in a few days!

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24 Responses to friday grab bag

  1. Carly | a simple affair says:

    That bag is gorgeous, and the oui ring had me at hello.

  2. Johanna says:

    I love oui ring. Must have it!

  3. honeymyheart says:

    i have that oui ring! it’s so awesome, gets the best compliments :)

    hope you enjoyed austin.

  4. Samantha says:

    Following you is dangerous bc I love everything you find! Hope you had fun in Austin – one of my fave cities!

  5. Laicie says:

    Aww have fun and eat tons of BBQ for me, yum!!

  6. those cookie jars are the cutest things!

  7. Maddy says:

    Have fun in Texas! I’ve been meaning to visit for a long time, hopefully we can make something happen for next year :) BTW – the storage jars are CUTE!

  8. Hope you had an amazing time in the south!

  9. Ana says:

    That pink bag is SO cute.

  10. Glor-i-aaaaaaa. You’re killing me with these picks! I love/want them all. I think the bulb vases might be my favorites.

    Hope you guys had a blast in Tx. My friends went a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it.

  11. Lucky you! Hope you have a wonderful time (and eat lots of bbq)!!!

  12. homestilo says:

    Adorable storage jars. Enjoy your trip to TX!

  13. krystal says:

    howwww cute is that ring?!

  14. have fun in Austin! I’ve always wanted to go there! And that OUI ring needs to be mine :)

  15. Erica says:

    You manage to find the coolest things. Those bulb vases… WOW!

  16. The oui ring is tres chic! PS I lived the first 18 years of my life in Austin, I’m so jealous you get to go play!!! There are so many places I could tell you to eat, but you have to go to the food truck trailer park on South Congress for sure. My other votes would go to Magnolia Cafe for 3am munchies, Eastside Cafe for locally sourced/organic, Gueros for texmex, and Hopdoddy’s for the best burger of your life.

  17. Lena says:

    Have fun in Austin–John is absolutely wild for the East Side Show Room, if ya’ll have time on your hands this weekend!

  18. The Demoiselle says:

    Those lightbulb vases!! & j’adore the oui ring!

  19. Kyla says:

    Loving this grab bag, as always! I think I need that ring in my life. Have fun in Austin! I’ve never been, but definitely want to.

  20. Alyssa says:

    That ring, that ring! So pretty! I hope you have a great weekend.

    The Glossy Life

  21. I’ve never been to Austin, but have always wanted to visit. Have fun!

  22. rooth says:

    Yay yay yay for Texas – have a wonderful trip! And eat some real bbq and TexMex :)

  23. val says:

    Oh my gosh, you will LOVE Austin! Definitely my favorite city of all time! Some of my favorite places are Amy’s Ice Cream (there are a couple of locations), Homeslice Pizza (conveniently located next door to an Amy’s), and Uncommon Objects for antique shopping. This of course, only scratches the surface of the amazing things you can do there.

    Have a wonderful time!