1. Tray With Two Legs from Anthropologie, $78 | 2. Whimsical Animal Wine Opener from RedEnvelope, $39.95 | 3. Stainless Steel Shiny Water Pitcher from CB2, $29.95 | 4. Perch Wine Charms from SQUARE Knott, $5 for a set of 6 | 5. Fujifilm Instax MINI 25 Instant Film Camera from Amazon, $83.95 | 6. Picnic Time Cheese Board Set from Everything Kitchens, $29.95 | 7. Ceramic Pig Place Card Holders from Shop Waiting on Martha, $29 for a set of 6

For those who have a full house every time they throw a dinner party because damn, do they know their crudités from their canapés.

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12 Responses to gift guide for the entertainers

  1. honeymyheart says:

    i have a fuji instax and it is amazing! now to add those little birds to my list.

  2. Erica says:

    The perch wine charms are adorable. They suction cup onto the glass??!! So cool!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Love that animal wine opener! Did you see how the pig one has a corkscrew tail?!? So cute!

  4. little t says:

    I’ve wanted a instant camera for so long, but can’t decide whether I would use it too much or not at all!

  5. Ashley {GirlyObsessions} says:

    Love the cheese knives and board set!

  6. Alison says:

    I love that cake stand so quirky and fun!

  7. Lena says:

    We use those CB2 pitchers for water in our office, and I may have swiped one when we threw a Mad Men housewarming…!

  8. Jillian says:

    Keep the gift guides coming. In desperate need of gift ideas!

  9. Alyssa says:

    I think I’d throw a dinner party JUST so I could use those place holders. Too cute!

    The Glossy Life

  10. Alexa says:

    Love that bull! So cool!

  11. rooth says:

    I saw those little wine birds at the store and thought they were the CUTEST thing!

  12. Sarah says:

    I want to throw a party now just in the hopes that someone will buy me all of these things!